Sponsored Game Review: Neeko: Your Interactive Monster


Description: Neeko is an interactive pet game that's been specifically designed for children. It's an Android game that focuses around some cute, yet not so cuddly, monsters that are bought to life through brilliant 3D graphics and bugs that you need to collect. It's not just about playing with an interactive pet, as you need to find bugs on your little friend to then play a simple match-three type of game that will add to your collection of coins, which allow you to unlock new and different creatures. These bugs have moved into Neeko and his friends' town and he needs your help to get rid of them. You can play with four different monsters and Neeko is a game that should keep your little ones engaged for some time.


How it Works: You'll need to download Neeko from the Play Store before you get started, but once you do you can go ahead and start. Right away, you'll notice that this is a game that kids can play on their own.

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The menu items are large, easy to figure out which is which and we're sure this is a game that kids will be able to play without too much adult supervision. Once you've chosen the only creature available at first, you can say hello to Neeko.


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The tutorial does a decent job of showing kids how to interact with Neeko and what the aim of the game is. You need to find bugs that are hiding on and in Neeko's poor body and collect them in your little pouch. When you've finished collecting the bugs in this round, they'll be added to your collection.

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Then, you have to play a match-three type of puzzle game. These add to the amount of coins that you have, which can help unlock the other creatures to play with.

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After spending a little time with Neeko, I can see that he's a lot of fun and the graphics are really great, he's animated excellently and the texture work is great, too.


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I liked playing around with Neeko and I can really see why this is a good game for kids as it encourages curiosity and Neeko is just plain fun to laugh at.



While they're all in the same sort of vein, the other creatures that you can unlock all have something unique about them and having to work to unlock them can help build character in kids.


Opinion: For me, Neeko reminds me a lot of the Minions from the Despicable Me movies, and that's not a bad thing at all. These creatures here have the same sort of infectious laughter and they're just weird-looking enough to appeal to both boys and girls without being balanced one way or the other. The graphics look great and on a high-end device Neeko looks almost realistic thanks to great lighting and good texture work. I do feel that the mechanic of finding bugs, playing a mini-game and doing it again and again could grow tiresome, but it's not too bad. It is fun and I don't see kids getting fed up with it, especially if Neeko carries on being as cute as he always is.



  • Speed (4/5) – Neeko ran fine on a couple of devices I have here and I never had an issue with the pacing, either.
  • Theme (5/5) – With excellent graphics, great animations and a variety of them Neeko looks the part all the time. The sound effects are also pleasing and of high-quality, too.
  • Features (4/5) – Interactive pets like these often fall very short on Android, but Neeko goes a long way to creating a quality, overall package.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – I can see little ones finding this a whole lot of fun, but with some more mini-games and such, Neeko could be even better.


  • Excellent graphics look great on smartphones as well as tablets.
  • Mini-games make this a complete solution for parents looking for something to entertain the kids on long trips or for short moments at a time.
  • Sound effects and Neeko's voice are infectious and very well done.
  • On the whole, this is a game that really fosters creativity and curiosity, two things that kids need while growing up.


  • Could grow a little repetitive for some players.
  • Takes a long time to unlock the other pets.

Conclusion: Neeko is a game that gets it right where it needs to; the graphics are great, the creatures are amazing and they sound great too. This put a smile on face and I'm not normally drawn in by this sort of thing, so imagine a young child playing with this. Kids can play on their own and it fosters curiosity without giving kids anything too difficult to contend with. The min-games are a nice addition, but I do feel that they could get a little repetitive after a while. Still, I doubt that'd be the case for young kids that are in awe of the infectious laughter that Neeko is likely to cause.