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Description: Mahjong Holiday Joy 2014 is, as you might have already guessed a game for Android that aims to not only make it easy to play Mahjong on Android, but to also introduce a little Holiday Spirit, too. It's essentially a Mahjong game with different themed tiles, including a number of Christmas themes and there are different tile layouts as well to appeal to a variety of different experience levels depending on who's playing. If you're family – or just yourself – are big Mahjong fans, then Mahjong Holiday Joy 2014 might be a nice game to play throughout the Holiday period. Read on as I take a closer look.

How it Works: Much like other games on Android, it's best to start at the Google Play Store, but if you're using an Amazon Fire device you can download it here as well. Once installed, you can get playing.


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If this is your first time playing Mahjong, the Help part accessible from the main menu does a good job of introducing you to the game.

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When starting a new game, there are a number of different patterns to choose from. Some of them have a more tiles than others and underneath them your best time for clearing the board is displayed. This makes it nice and easy to replay the game whenever you want to.

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Holiday Joy comes from the different themes you can set for the tiles and while the Christmas themed titles are nice, you don't have to use them and you can also choose how the tiles themselves look, too.


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Other than that, we're talking about Mahjong as we've always known it, it plays much the same with players having to match two tiles together, but there are a few other features included to help players out. Like the included Hint button.

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The Dim button will also make tiles that can't be moved appear much darker than others.

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I did enjoy playing with the Christmas-themed tiles though, and they would make it easy to get little ones involved in the art of Mahjong, something that might be long forgotten, soon.


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Opinion:  Mahjong Holiday Joy 2014 is a nice, fun and simple game. It doesn't try too hard to think outside of the box and while those that aren't big fans of Mahjong might not take to it, it's still a lot of fun. I enjoyed the different layouts and the ability to track how long it's taken to complete the boards is a nice touch for families as I can see competitions happening over the holidays. If you're a Mahjong fan and you want something to play over Christmas with a little holiday cheer, then this is definitely a good option and while it doesn't try too hard, there are ads, it's cheerful and good fun for those that miss classic games like Mahjong.


  • Speed (4/5) – Mahjong Holiday joy 2014 runs nice and smooth and I had no issues on my Nexus 9.
  • Features (4/5) – This is basically Mahjong as we've always known it, but it has some nice features that make it more Christmas-friendly and this will definitely appeal to the whole family, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – A good-looking Mahjong game, the tile themes and different layouts really help make this something for everyone and it did look quite nice on my Nexus 9, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – Mahjong Holiday Joy 2014 is a solid option and while Mahjong isn't new, this is a good way of getting your family and perhaps the little ones involved in a game that should appeal to everyone.


  • Worked well on my high-res tablet and will be easy for all ages to play.
  • While this is a paid-for game there aren't any ads at play, either.
  • Christmas theme will certainly appeal to younger players, making this easy to introduce kids to the game.
  • Helps keep the simple, yet classic Mahjong game alive and well.


  • Some more sound effects and perhaps ambient music would be nice.
  • Challenge mode for big Mahjong fans could help this appeal to hardened players.

Conclusion: Mahjong Holiday joy 2014 is clearly a game that's designed just for the holidays, but that's not a bad thing and there are default Chinese tiles included to play whenever you want. A casual, and easy to pick up game, this should appeal to all ages and if you're more interested in classic games like Mahjong, then this will certainly appeal to you. It's not the best-looking game on Android, but it looked good on my nexus 9 and it's easy enough for anyone to get started with.



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