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Description: Galaxy Control 3D is a tower defense game that features some quality 3D graphics and a vast array of different units and missions to conquer. There are 25 achievements to complete and Galaxy Control is a game all about fighting back Space Pirates from endangering your citizens on Human colonies. With some decent story to it, Galaxy Control is a game that should appeal not only to tower defense fans but also casual gamers looking for something different. Hardened mobile gamers shouldn't be put off though, as there's more than enough here to keep hardcore gamers happy, too. It's 100% free to play and you can gather uranium and other minerals to build up your own base that will deter Space Pirates as well as other players. Take a look at the trailer below and keep on reading.



How it Works: To start your galactic adventure with Galaxy Control 3D, you'll first need to download the game from the Play Store. For those first-time players, you'll be thrust into an interactive tutorial that does a decent job of explaining how to get started.

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The tutorial takes you through the necessary things you'll need to remember to stay ahead, like soldier production with factories and that sort of thing.


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The tutorial doesn't take too long, and it gives players an opportunity to take a look at the good-looking 3D graphics. Once you've finished the tutorial, you can take a look at your base and decide what your next move is.

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This also serves as a sort of main menu for the whole game as well, you can take a look at settings, your goals, all of your stats as well as find new missions to embark on as well. One particular thing I quite liked is the use of Redmins, you can these to speed up certain buildings and such, and you can earn them for free by spreading the word and that sort of thing, it's a nice way of getting people involved as a community, too.

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The more you play the game, the more impressive your base will look over time and it'll quickly become something that you're proud of.



The more time you spend playing Galaxy Control 3D, the bigger and more challenging your battles will become.



Opinion: While playing Galaxy Control 3D, I didn't come across too many features that weren't in other similar titles and things did seem a little similar, however, the 3D graphics at work here really help to bring it all together. This is a game that has its own unique art style and thanks to the detailed 3D graphics, it comes alive with its own universe and while the storyline is a little transparent, it does feel like you're fighting in a living world. It's a great game for those that enjoy strategy and unlike other titles this is also accessible for those that haven't played these sorts of games before. I had a good amount of fun playing this and I'm sure I'll come back to it, but I do wish that there were some fresh gameplay mechanics at play here. Overall though, this was a fun game with a lot to offer players both new to the genre or otherwise.


  • Speed (4/5) – Galaxy Control 3D ran fine on a number of my devices and the pacing here is quite kick, which is nice to see.
  • Features (4/5) – While nothing exactly fresh, Galaxy Control 3D does tick all of the requisite boxes and there's something for everyone on offer here.
  • Theme (5/5) – The 3D graphics here are detailed, textures look good and there's an overall theme that runs throughout the game, giving it a coherent feel and a look all its own.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid entry into a crowded market of tower defense games, Galaxy Control 3D has all the right boxes ticked and the 3D graphics make this come alive on your smartphone or tablet.


  • This is a great game for those looking for some strategy without all the stuffiness as it plays quickly and it's action-packed.
  • The 3D graphics here are detailed and give the game its own look and feel with some great animations to boot.
  • With a vast variety of different units and minerals to gather and to help build up your army, this will keep a lot of players busy for a long time.
  • Difficult battles will help challenge even the most hardened of strategy players as they get into the later levels.


  • Tutorial does take a little longer than I'd have liked.
  • There's no killer mechanic here that other games don't have, it's sort of the best any tower defense game has to offer.

Conclusion: Galaxy Control 3D is a game that will appeal to strategy game fans of course, but it's also accessible to those that might not have spent much time with these titles before. The pacing is a lot quicker than others and there's so many units and enemies on offer here that it's hard not to be impressed by everything that this has to offer. Even if you come for the excellent 3D graphics, you'll end up staying for the polished gameplay and those 3D graphics will keep on looking nice and shiny as long as you play.


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