Sponsored App Review: Power Clean – Optimize & Clean


Description: There are tens and tens of these apps available in the Play Store, but what about a cleaner app that promises to be simple, free of ads and as easy to use as possible? if that has you interested then you might want to keep on reading. Power Clean is an Android app that’s super-easy to use, can help you remove junk from your device storage, help you take back some memory and make it easier than ever to uninstall unwanted apps from your device. So, with all of the claims of it being the lightest and easiest to use cleaner app out there, just how does Power Clean stack up?

How it Works: As with most apps on Android, you need to install Power Clean from the Play Store. Once you have done, Power Clean will take a look at your device and see how much of your storage, memory and battery you have left or eaten up.

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I’m testing this on my Nexus 9 and I opted for the 16GB version and now I sort of wish I hadn’t done, after a few days I have used 68% of my storage. With Power Clean though, I can quickly see that this is because of the large games I have installed.

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You can easily tick more than one app to uninstall and while this basically brings up the stock Android pop up to uninstall something, this is much easier than going through to the system settings on my tablet every time.

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It’s not just uninstalling apps though, as Power Clean can be helpful to remove junk files and folders from your device as well.

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You can easily uncheck data you want to keep and the majority of games won’t have their save games deleted as the developers have looked out for this.. Cleaning doesn’t take long at all and Power Clean will always let you know just how much junk has been cleaned from your device.

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There a number of settings you can change here and they’re all nice and straightforward, too.

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For ease of use, there’s a nice notification that can show you some data and let you get to the cleaning part of the app nice and quickly.

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Opinion: Power Clean is yet another one of these apps that promises to make your tablet or smartphone feel brand new and shiny. I’ve used countless of these utilities over the years and while they all do their job fairly well, none of them are as simple as they really ought to be. Power Clean isn’t loaded with anything more than the basic features I’d expect from an app like this, but those key features that it does have all work brilliantly and it is so simple to use that this is the one I’ll keep installed on my device. Power Clean has no ads or anything like that and it just works, there are no complicated hoops or anything like that, it just does exactly what you want it to do, and quickly.


  • Speed (4/5) – Power Clean is a quick app overall and it can help make your device a little more responsive.
  • Features (4/5) – It might not feature much more than other apps that are similar to this, but Power Clean is so simple and easy to use that it’s a joy.
  • Theme (4/5) – The UI looks nice and while there’s not too much to it, it’s easy to follow and it blends in with Android 5.0 nicely, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid option that has the key features the vast majority of users will want without any hoops to jump through, Power Clean is an easy recommendation.


  • Works well on smartphones as well as tablets, regardless of size.
  • No need to jump through any hoops or anything like that; it just works.
  • No ads or anything like that to help promotion or such.
  • Allows for easy app removal, junk clean and can add a little more speed, too.


  • For some users it might not go far enough.
  • Notification toggle could do with some themes to help it blend in on different devices.

Conclusion: While I’m aware that these apps can only do so much, Power Clean can help you remove a number of applications at once – without the need for root – and it can help you see which apps or games are taking up the most space quicklyy and easily. Great for getting rid of old APK files, or clearing large caches like Facebook and such, it works well to get rid of no longer needed data on your devices and for the average user, this is an easy recommendation. There aren’t any ads here and it’s fairly basic, but does exactly what many people want it to, which is more than other, more complicated apps do in the first place.