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Description: From the same developer behind Walk Band comes Perfect Piano, a more focused, yet no less versatile application for keen pianists. Perfect Piano is, as its name suggests, an attempt to recreate as much of the Piano experience as possible on Android smartphones and tablets. It features a few different Piano sounds, as well as synth and organ, too. You can record your work using your device's microphone or via MIDI, and there are a number of songs that you can learn to play with Perfect Piano. With features that will appeal to veteran Pianists as well as those learning to play and everyone in between, is Perfect Piano as perfect as it claims to be?


How it Works: To play these digital keys, you'll need to download Perfect Piano from the Play Store. When you launch it, the main menu will have a number of options for you. From here, you can learn a song to play or just experiment.

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There are a number of songs to choose from if you want to learn how to play something new. This sort of thing is great for those just learning and those looking to familiarize themselves with the app itself.


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I wanted to get a feel for the app and as it's coming up to Christmas, I'd thought I get into the spirit by learning 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'. You get a decent offering of ways to learn the song as well, which is nice.

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After a little time playing the song over and over, I got into the rhythm of things and I was pretty happy with my progress. This is coming from someone that has spent less than an hour with a real Piano over the course of their adult life.

2014-11-08 14.45.20

I then went to experiment with the free mode, and I discovered that this is really responsive on my Nexus 9. Multi-touch worked great, as you can see in the shot below and this is a really speedy app. Everything I did came back to me in no time and it's a very pleasant experience.


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As discussed above, you can record your work with Perfect Piano is a number of ways, with either the microphone on your device or via MIDI output. These recordings can be played back from within Perfect Piano from the main menu.

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There are a number of settings that can be changed when it comes to the amount of keys and what you see on screen, too.

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If you're not content with just the Piano sound, there are a few included sets and a slew of plugins available too.


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Opinion: For years I've been pretty skeptical of these sort of apps, brushing them off as nothing like the real thing and while that's always going to be the case, Perfect Piano made me think a little differently. I neither know what I'd doing with a real Piano or Keyboard and I don't have the room for one. So, with an app like this I can fairly close to what it's like to play a Piano, and while the tactile feedback won't ever be the same I've already a learnt a few songs that I can surprise people with and it was a lot of fun, too. Where i see this being great is getting young children interested in the Piano and learning music in general, as well as those that take long commutes to work and like to record in their spare time. With Perfect Piano, musicians can record melodies and sections while they're on the way to and from work or when they're travelling away from home, with the same smartphone or tablet they'd be using anyway.


  • Speed (4.5/5) – This was exceptionally responsive and speedy in my experience and that helps bring the whole experience together in my opinion.
  • Theme (4/5) – While Perfect Piano made good use of my Nexus 9's display, I wish it went a little further, but the overall experience is easy to use and good-looking.
  • Features (5/5) – With the ability to learn a song, play whatever you want and record new melodies no matter where you are, Perfect Piano ticks the right boxes for a vast variety of users.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – There's room for improvement here, but not much and Perfect Piano is so versatile that many of you might already be using it. Otherwise, this is something to download and keep on your device for a number of great reasons.


  • Makes it easy to learn how to play the Piano and pick up new songs thanks to a vast library of songs to learn.
  • Works great on tablets and it really came to life on my Nexus 9.
  • You can easily record your work in a number of ways with little to no hassle.
  • Lots of plugins available for different sounds and overall a very versatile app.


  • Doesn't go far enough with the Tablet UI, but it goes further than others available.
  • Might be tricky to play more advanced songs, but this is the nature of Pianos rather than the app itself.

Conclusion: For those that already know how to play Piano and don;t have the room or what to keep playing while traveling, this is a nice go-between and you can even record your work as you play. It's perhaps not all that great for the more advanced songs, but a Piano is far wider than any Android tablet and it can't really be helped. For those looking to learn how to play or improve their timing and rhythm, this is also great. You can slow a song down then speed it up and you can start a metronome going whenever you're just experimenting with the piano mode, which is really important for students. Overall, this is an excellent effort; it's versatile, works well on tablets and ticks all the right sort of boxes for this sort of app.


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