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Description: Morning Starter Meditation is an Android app designed to calm you down, help you sleep or help you meditate more effectively. It's a simple app that's offered for free, supported by ads, that features a number of different sounds designed for different things. There's also a meditation timer here as well, which can help you get a minute or three minute intervals on the go. For those just getting started with Yoga and/or meditation, then this could be the app you've been looking for. Especially if you're in the market for something free, and easy to use no matter where you are. Let's see what the app is all about as we take a closer look.

How it Works: You can download Morning Starter Meditation from the Play Store, and once you have done, you'll see what the app has to offer you.


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If you're looking for some sounds to just chill out with, or perhaps help you sleep, then taking a look at the "Soundscapes & Nature Sounds" as well as "The Relaxation + Ambience" are good places to start.

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The sounds simply play inside of the app and they seem to be downloaded from the web when they start to play as there's a bit of a lag, but nothing too serious by any means.

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The guided journey section of the app offers some more layered sounds to help you further relax and take your mind on a peaceful journey. Obviously, if you're on the move or maybe in a somewhat noisy environment, using a set of headphones is a good idea.


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Of particular interest to those just starting out will be the meditation timer, I'm sure. This part of the app allows you to choose either 1 Minute or 3 Minute intervals to help you relax no matter where you are.

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The timers include prompts onscreen to help you meditate no matter where and when you are.

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Opinion: While I enjoy using the sounds to help me sleep at night, I do wish the app in general was a little less clunky. This isn't to take anything away from the content, which is provided for free and is of good quality, but with an outdated menu layout and some really quite annoying ad placement, Morning Starter Meditation isn't quite as relaxing as it should be. Having said that, nothing is perfect and with some work to the interface and such, this would be a much better app to use. Forgetting all of that though, budding Yoga students and those looking for some relaxation no matter where they are will find a lot to love about Morning Starter Meditation and it is, after all, a free app.



  • Speed (4/5) – The app ran fine on my Sony Xperia Z2 and while I wish that the UI was smoother, it's not too bad.
  • Theme (4/5) – I'm not too impressed with the UI here, but forget about that, because the sounds are of good quality and they really did help me relax and get to sleep after a long week of work.
  • Features (4/5) – With everything that you could want from an app like this, Morning Starter Meditation is free and does the job fairly well.
  • Overall (4/5) – While not the prettiest or smoothest Yoga and Meditation app out there, this offers sounds and a meditation helper for free.


  • Morning Starter Meditation is a nice traveling companion due to its small footprint on your device.
  • Completely free to use, with no real need to pay for much more if you don't want it.
  • Meditation timer can be a big help for those looking to get started.
  • Variety of sounds can really help depending on what you need, for instance getting to sleep or looking to unwind.


  • Ads can be really quite annoying, but this is a free app.
  • Interface could do with updating, especially with Material Design and Android 5.0 Lollipop now available.

Conclusion: Not without its problems, Morning Starter Meditation is a simple and easy to use application that offer a good array of free Yoga sounds to help you relax or unwind no matter where you are or what time it is. Easy to use, free and worth taking a look at, it would be nice if Morning Starter Meditation had a better user interface, but for a free application there's not too much to complain about really, especially if all you want is the sounds.


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