Sharp Aiming For Pixel Supremacy By Demonstration 736ppi On 4" Display


The Japanese manufacturer Sharp have always been interested in screens. Since the early days they have made LCD panels and TV's and it seems more recently they have shifted their focus quite heavily towards smartphone screens. In particular, Sharp seem to be rather interested in making crazy sharp (sorry for the pun) resolutions. It was only a few months ago that the company introduced us to their Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone. Although this was a budget smartphone, it was all about the screen. In fact, the whole device was mostly screen with its main USP being that it offers the thinnest bezels ever. As such this phone literally was all screen.

More recently news has emerged that Sharp are working on 5/6" screens with a massive 4K resolution. In fact, 4096 x 2160 resolutions to be exact. More crazily, is that these 4K screens will have a pixel density of 842ppi (pixel per inch). If you are after a massive 842ppi display then the rumors are that manufacturing wont go into effect until 2016. Now in reality this time of pixel density is far beyond anything that is remotely useful to the naked eye, as it is not able to distinguish the difference at this level. That said, these companies are never happy with simply providing things that are only functional. This is a pixel arms race after all and Sharp intend to make sure they are a pixel super power.


Now in an attempt to verify their status as pixel leaders, the latest news is Sharp have demonstrated what is soon to come. Sharp have unveiled a new 4.1" IGZO LCD display. Most importantly, the pixel density of this little fellow is a staggering 736ppi. Now the resolution of this display is only (ironically) 2560 x 1600. However, sharp claim that although this is somewhat off a 4K resolution the display offers the same pixel density as a 6" display running a 4K resolution. As such this highly suggests that as well as the previous rumors that Sharp was planning on big resolution 5/6" screens they will also be aiming for high-resolution 4" screens too. Again, if you like the idea of a high ppi 4" display then Sharp have once more announced "volume production" commencing in 2016. However, they also announced they will begin shipping samples of the technology sometime in 2015. So it probably won't be too long before we know more. What do you think of such high resolutions on such small sized screens? Waste of time or something you want? Let us know.

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