Samsung's Video Hub Is Shutting Down On December 31st

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Samsung gives with one hand, and takes away with another. The other day saw the announcement and subsequent release of their new video service called Milk, and today sees users receive an email informing them that the Samsung video will be officially shut down from December 31st 2014.

As you can see from the email that I received below, Samsung is unambiguous about when the Video Hub service will shut down. Users will no longer be able to purchase or rent videos via the Video Hub from December 1st. For tablet and smart phone users, if you would like to watch any movies or content you have purchased you will have to re-download all of them before December 30th. Before that time, you must also play each file at least 30 seconds in order to unlock the title on your device. And if that wasn’t enough, you have to perform this step for every device you would like to view the content on, with a limit of up to 5 devices. So, depending on whether you were an avid user of Samsung’s Video Hub service, you could be in for a long and frustrating December. Once you’ve eventually finished the process, you will be able to view the Video Hub content by using your device’s built-in video player. The implication is that if you forget to re-download your content, and watch each title for at least 30 seconds on each device you want it to be available on, the content will be gone, kaput!

The advisory is even more scant when it comes to users who have viewed content via the Video hub on their Samsung smart TV. Samsung merely state that users will be unable to rent or purchase content from November 30th, and advise that users should finish watching any movies before December 30th, 2014. And that’s it. No advice on how to access your purchased content after that date whatsoever. And no, there is no option to transfer your content over to their new Milk Video service.

If you are affected by the closure of Samsung’s Video Hub, where are you purchasing your content now? Would you consider Samsung’s new Milk Video service? Let us know in the comments below or at our Google Plus page.



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