Samsung's Newest TouchWiz Might Include 'Themes' Support


If you are a member of the custom ROM world then you will know the joys of 'themes'. The ability to customise your device's fonts, boot animations and overall theme really does offer users the ability to make their devices their own. This has always been primarily a custom ROM benefit although it does seem OEMs are starting to catch on. Since the launch of Chinese devices like the One Plus One and those from Xiaomi and Meizu (whom both have theme shops), more devices are coming installed with a themes option. After all, it's good business sense from their point-of-view. Well, the current news is Samsung devices running TouchWiz might also soon be getting the themes treatment.

Yes, it seems Samsung might be looking to get in on the theme action and the latest rumors are that themes will soon be on offer. It does make sense as Chinese manufacturers view themes as a profitable element of their business model, allowing for additional in-house revenues. Not to mention provides its users with an additional reason and benefit to remain with the manufacturer (and more importantly from their perspective) stay with their stock version of android. There is little doubt that this will be a welcome addition to Samsung devices as even the newest Samsung devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge are absent of such abilities to customize.


A leaked image (shown below) highlights what the TouchWiz theme options might look like. The device shown seems to be one of the newly launched A range devices (A3 and A5) and does clearly show what seems to be theme options. If the rumors are true then users will be able to customize the sounds, icons, fonts, colors and backgrounds from a choice of options. At present there is no indication or information on what devices are likely to get the themes feature (if any). However, it would be hoped that Samsung would roll out the feature to most of the current range of devices. However, what is far more likely is that this will only be available on versions of TouchWiz going forward which will likely be with Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Therefore, only available to those devices that get the upgrade and the latest version of TouchWiz. We have already seen a leaked video of a Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Lollipop with the new version of TouchWiz. So we might have to wait a little bit longer before we can tweak TouchWiz to the way we want it. Do you want to see themes available on TouchWiz and Samsung devices? Let us know.


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