Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge to Go On Sale in the UK From November 28th

Galaxy Note Edge 09


The Galaxy Note Edge was announced earlier this year alongside the Galaxy Note 4 and it looked like Samsung had one more experiment with curved AMOLED just like the Galaxy Round. However, it appears that the Galaxy Note Edge is to be much more than that as the device is to launch in a number of markets around the world. If you’re not sure what makes the Galaxy Note Edge any different from the Galaxy Note 4, then we’ll give your brain a little reminder. The Galaxy Note Edge has everything the Galaxy Note 4 has, but also includes a small edge display on the right of the device that curves to to the device.

It’s this display that Samsung is hoping will help the Galaxy Note Edge to sell to the average consumer as it’s designed to make life easier, rather than just look good much like the G Flex and Galaxy Round were. We were unsure if the device would be making it to the UK, but as Vodafone announced that they’d be carrying the device, Samsung has now confirmed that the device will be launching in the UK starting November 28th. Samsung have told the Inquirer that the curvy device will be going on sale both online directly from Samsung or from Carphone Warehouse. While the device is scheduled for release on the 28th, people can start pre-ordering them from Carphone Warehouse and Samsung starting tomorrow.

With no word on official price, retailers like Mobile-Fun and Mobicity have been asking for around £650, which is about right for a Samsung device of this caliber and considering that it’s somewhat unique thanks to its Edge, it’s not surprising that it’s a little more expensive than the Galaxy Note 4. With the same specifications under the hood and many of the same software features as the Galaxy Note 4 though, it’ll be interesting to see how well this sells in the UK for the higher price tag. Let us know in the comments below if you’re likely to pick up a Galaxy Note Edge or place a pre-order this weekend.