Samsung's Extensive Galaxy Gifts package For Note 4 and Note Edge Owners Is Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 AH 3

Samsung is fond of packing their handsets to the gills with software features, which tends to polarise opinion between describing the additions as either useful additions or simply as bloatware.  But you can’t deny that Samsung try to offer something for everyone, no matter who your are. And this brings us nicely to the recent launch of the Galaxy Note 4 and the curved-screen Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung have compiled a suite of offers (both free and discounted) for the owners of the latest Galaxy Note handsets as part of the Galaxy Gifts Package. It should be noted that not everyone will be eligible to take advantage of all the offers as it does vary as to which region you reside in. That said, I’m sure that there will be something for everyone.

Let’s deal with the reading materials first, with users receiving a 3 month subscription to Audible when the free app is installed on the Note device. This entitles the user to one free audio book per month. In case you aren’t quite familiar with Audible, they have a great choice of professionally narrated audiobooks that can be listened to anywhere, anytime.

Following that, we have the Kindle for Samsung app, which allows eligible users to download a free e-book every month, and is apparently optimised for use with Samsung devices.Usually, there is a choice of free books to choose from.And while I haven’t noticed any difference between this and the regular Kindle app, the free book is greatly appreciated.

Next we have a 6 month subscription to The Wall Street Journal, the world renowned news outlet, as well as a 12 week subscription to the New York Times – Breaking News section. Lastly, there’s a 1 year subscription to Bloomberg’s Businessweek+ that offers fresh perspectives on business news and trends. And in case there’s just too much to read at the moment, a 6 month premium membership to Pocket is included, allowing users to save articles to read at a later time.

On to entertainment, and this offers Note owners 3 months access to OnLive, giving them the ability to play PC and console quality games on their Note handsets through the power of the cloud. So imagine playing BattleField on your Note 4 or Note Edge handset…I wonder if you can aim with the S-Pen? Still, I digress. Staying on the gaming topic, Note owners can download the Dungeon Hunter 4 game free of charge from Gameloft, receiving 3,250 gems worth $30 to use in the game.

If you are a fan of making your own content, there are some goodies for you as well, with the Diddeo app letting you make your own music or videos and share it via social media. The AmplieTube LE app is a complete guitar and bass multi-effects processor, and gives Note owners access to free unlocked features. And if you like making illustrations, SketchBook for Galaxy is exclusively optimised for the latest Note devices, with next level sensitivity settings to better make use of that S-Pen. Finally, if painting is more your scene, you can download the ArtRage app free of charge through Galaxy Gifts, giving you access to a packed painters toolbox.

On to tools and productivity, if you like to remotely access your Mac or Windows computers, there is a free 6 month subscription to Parallels Access, allowing you to perform tasks via your Note handset. Dropbox have also joined the freebie party by extending their long-running offer of 50GB of free storage for two years to include Note 4 and Note Edge owners. For owners of US AT&T devices, it should be noted that the 50GB of free Dropbox storage is only valid for 6 months. As is seemingly common with Samsung devices lately, Note owners can download the Hancom Office 2014 app free of charge for an unlimited period.

If you like taking pictures and jazzing them up, you can download the customised version of Photo Slideshow -CameraAce, allowing Note owners to edit their pictures to achieve their full potential. Note 4 and Note Edge owners will have access to premium features of the Photo Slideshow – CameraAce for a period of 6 months.

Other notable offers include the pre-installation of TripAdvisor, offering exclusive functionality for Note owners. There’s also a free 6 month subscription to Life360, helping friends and families stay connected. If you are on a fitness kick, there is a 6 month membership to Workout Trainer, which offers thousands of workouts from expert coaches, along with step-by-step visual guides and strategies.

If you are a Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge owner, what is your favourite ‘Gift’? Let us know in the comments below or at our Google Plus page.