Why Samsung's A3 And A5 Devices Were Samsung's Worst Kept Secret


A couple of weeks ago Samsung finally and officially announced their new A range devices. For those that missed the A range introduction then in short the A range of devices are geared towards the new trend of metal phones. The A3 and A5 models are both full metal bodies devices and a real step away from Samsung's typical plastic back devices. Now, the announcement of the A range did not come as much of a surprise as the A range of devices and especially the A5 was the subject of many a rumor over the past few months. In fact, it is fairly safe to say that very few Samsung devices have even been leaked as much as the A5 was. It was always thought a little strange that with so many leaks (and for so long) that Samsung took as long as they did to formally introduce the A range and A5. For instance, there is an A7 which we know is coming but still has not been introduced formally. Well, it now seems there may have been some logic behind it confirming the abundance of leaked information.

The A range's main selling point is that they are true all metal bodies phones. Unlike the Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 which only contains metal framing. These devices have the full proper metal casing and it seems it is this casing that has delayed their arrival so much. As these were Samsung's first foray into metal, reports are suggesting the manufacturing of the new design proved too problematic for Samsung and their manufacturers. According to Sammobile a source has informed them the quality requirements of the metal cases were significantly below what was needed with only around half the cases manufactured reaching a suitable standard of quality. In spite of Samsung's large infrastructure and experienced manufacturing procedure, it seems the novelty of a new design like metal casing proved too much of a curve ball.


It is also now being reported, the poor consistently of the manufacturing of metal cases is also the reason why the A3 and A5 devices are only due to be released in Asia. In short, Samsung does not simply have enough metal cases to sell to the rest of the world. With that in mind, this is also highly likely as to why the A7 still has not been introduced yet. Whether the A range of devices will make it to markets outside of Asia in the future seems now highly dependent on whether or not the manufacturing process can get the metal casing right. So what do you think about the news? Are you surprised Samsung have struggled so much to make a full metal device? Not Surprised? Now understand why Samsung like plastic backs so much?

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