Samsung Will Turn To Curved Screens In Order To Get Its Business Back On Track



We all know by now that Samsung isn't doing all that well in the last couple of quarters. Company's quarterly results have been significantly worse than before and they're experiencing a drop in profit quarter after quarter. Samsung has started changing this around in order to get the company on the right path and once again move away from the competition. They've started using metal as part of their smartphone design and have listened to consumer's critics lately. It seems like the company is going to use a different approach when it comes to the Galaxy S6 as well, considering that reports are saying that this Korean giant is trying to re-invent the Galaxy S6 and make it unique in a way, rather than an iterative update to the Galaxy S5.


According to the latest report, Samsung is seriously considering employing curved displays in its high-end devices and try to differentiate and attracting consumers that way. This Korean manufacturer hopes rivals will have a hard time copying curved displays and that such screens could be Samsung's edge in today's market. Samsung has tons of obstacles to cross in order to achieve this. Curved displays cost lots of money and Samsung has to find a way to overcome that, as well as some other bumps in the road, like getting the developers to make apps to go along with these new displays. Galaxy Note Edge is a great example, it has that separate side / Edge display which actually offers some extra functionality but it will be rather non-productive if developers don't get on board, only Samsung's apps will take advantage of it. "curved screens are a big solution for overcoming these challenges" said Kim Nam-su, a senior designer at Samsung Electronics. By "these challenges" he refers to the change in the industry and the arrival of larger displays which have become a standard these days.

Samsung is still number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, however they've been facing some significant bumps in the road over the last few quarters. Samsung Electronics may face the worst annual profit in three years according to analysts, as they predict a one-third drop in operating profit for this year.

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