Samsung SM-E500F Pops Up On Zauba, Is This Samsung's Upcoming Budget Handset?

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Top AH

Samsung is facing tough decisions lately as their profit went down over the last few months. The company is facing tough competition from LG and a ton of Chinese smartphone brands. They sold “only” 12 million Galaxy S5 devices in the first three months of sales, which is 40% less than they anticipated, the company now has tons of these devices laying in warehouses all around the world. Sales are down 50% in China, for example, thanks to brands like Xiaomi and Meizu. Even Samsung’s head of mobile might get replaced in the future, his salary went down over 50% due to recent financial results. There are a lot of problems in this company at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they can stop producing smartphones, Samsung is still number one smartphone manufacturer in the world after all.

Talking about smartphones, Samsung has recently released Galaxy A3 and A5 smartphones. These handsets sport Galaxy Alpha’s design guidelines and are rather sleek in design. It was just a matter of time when will Samsung release yet another one single-letter named device, considering it was revealed they will continue doing that. It seems like one of those devices is in India for testing purposes, according to an import tracking site Zauba at least. According to the listing, SM-E500F arrived in India, this device could actually carry the letter “E” in front of a number Samsung decides to attach to this handset, reports SamMobile. We didn’t get any info regarding the specifications of this device along with this listing, nor the release date of the device itself.

Samsung did promise it will tone down on the amount of different branding names it uses currently, by about 30%. This is actually a good thing and ti also means this device will probably lead Samsung’s budget troops, that’s my guess at the very least. Galaxy A3 and A5 are solid smartphones and reports were saying those handsets are going to be Samsung’s affordable offerings for emerging markets, but neither of those devices is particularly affordable, so I guess this upcoming handset will be Samsung’s affordable handset for certain markets. That’s at least my guess, what do you think?

SM-E500F Zauba listing