Samsung Opens the First Galaxy Lifestyle Store in Beijing

November 4, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Among the millions of retail fronts out there in the world, very few of them seem to be brand-specific stores, particularly when it comes to technology.  Sure you can go to the nearest Best Buy or some other electronic giant that sells everything from video games to washing machines, but what about a specialty shop that’s not just for shopping, but also for hanging out with friends and getting exclusive content for your favorite devices too?  That’s Samsung’s vision for its new range of Galaxy Lifestyle stores, and it’s beginning that vision with the first shop opening up in Beijing today.

This is a reimagining of the classic bookstore or cafe experience where you can walk in, sit at a table and enjoy the latest book or have a spot where you can chat with friends without worrying about being interrupted or bothered.  It’s also a place to check out Samsung’s latest gadgets and device like the Galaxy Note 4 or learn about Samsung’s latest entry into the premium headphones market with LEVEL.  Samsung has broken the store into five distinct zones much like a bookstore would have sections, called the Product Experience Zone, Galaxy Lab, Galaxy Accessories, Galaxy Music and Concierge.  Many free services are offered such as free WiFi, exclusive free apps and other content that you can only get when you visit a Galaxy Lifestyle store.

Sitting down and enjoying the latest magazine on one of the Galaxy Tab S units in the store, ordering a coffee from the in-store cafe and more are just parts of the experience Samsung is trying to create here.  It’s basically trying to make its brand more friendly and something hip so people will feel comfortable coming in and using the latest Samsung gadgets while just enjoying some free time with friends.  Will it catch on?  There’s no place like a large city to try such a thing, so it will be interesting to see where Samsung plans to take this in the future.