Samsung Has a Number of Colorful Wrist Straps for the Gear S


Samsung is no stranger to releasing wearables these days and their Gear line has been selling for quite some time now. The Gear S is Samsung's latest Gear smartwatch and as you've probably already found out already, the Gear S is not exactly what you'd call a cheap smartwatch and it's also one of the only smartwatches that can stand on its own, without the need to be constantly paired to a smartphone, like many other smartwatches out there.

Samsung's Gear S is available for pre-order in the UK for a whopping £329, which makes it the most expensive smartwatch available pretty much, and now Samsung has added some accessories to the the Gear S page. The regular style wrist strap will be available in Cobalt Blue, Blue Black, White, Mocha Grey and Supreme Red which has to be one of the fanciest sounding shades of red I've ever heard of. There's also a strange accessory called the "Bangle Band" which is really quite thick and will be available in Blue Black only. As if the Gear S wasn't bulky enough, you can go ahead and make it thicker with the Bangle Band. Thankfully though, these are nice and easy to swap out, as all you need to do is pop the center console out and put it in a new band, which is a pretty decent solution we feel.


The straps don't have any price tags attached to them just yet, but we're sure they won't be exactly cheap, considering how much the Gear S itself retails for. Still, accessories are nice to have and we're sure that Samsung fans will appreciate the ability to change straps on their Gear S all by themselves. The Gear S is set to go on sale in a number of regions over the next few weeks so we should know more when it launches. Do any of these colors take your fancy? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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