Samsung Introduces Flow SDK At Developers Conference For Sharing Information Across Devices

AH Samsung Galaxy S5 5

Samsung is having its developers conference this week and so far they have announced a new health platform and SDK as well as a new SDK for SmartThings, the company they recently acquired earlier this year to help users better manage their connected home appliances from Samsung’s range of new smart appliance products. They have also announced a new way to bring better communication between all of your devices to keep things as connected as possible when wanting to share information between them, and they call this upcoming functionality Flow. Sounds fitting right? We thought so, as their vision seeks to allow the user to enable a flow of information and data across devices like computers, tablets, phones, and even TV’s so that you have what you need, where you need it.

Reports are comparing this to Apple’s recently announced Continuity feature, allowing for quick sharing of information between devices(other Apple products)in much the same way Samsung hopes to develop Flow. The idea isn’t just making it easier to share information between devices though, of which many of us probably have a handful of, but also to make it so that we are utilizing the right devices for whatever it is we’re trying to do. For example, you might start inputting data for a document onto your tablet or smartphone because that’s what you have available to you at the time. Typing on those sorts of devices has gotten a lot easier these days, but arguably typing something like that is much easier on a laptop that has a full keyboard. This is where Samsung’s Flow could come in really handy.

Another example plays into knowing just how much battery life you might have left on all of your devices. With Flow, Samsung wants to make it possible to see low battery warnings across the screens of all your devices so that you have an idea when things need charging. I keep my phone on me nearly all moments of my waking hours, but it isn’t always next to me, and having this kind of functionality still allows for one to know important information even when the device isn’t in your vicinity. While Samsung is definitely looking for ways to enrich the way we interact with our electronics devices, like many things Samsung, it probably won’t be open to non-Samsung products, unfortunately. With that said, this is still something cool to see and we hope it spurs other OEMs to look into doing something similar, albeit more open to non OEM specific products.