Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Sport A Dual-Edged Screen According To An Analyst

November 7, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors have already started and we can expect them to intensify over the next few months. It’s been about 7 months since Samsung launched the Galaxy S5, so it’s about time Galaxy S6 rumors start coming in waves. That being said, we’ve heard some rumors already, some are more reliable than others. Samsung is reportedly calling this device “Project Zero” internally, which is somewhat odd considering Samsung had a rather consistent naming scheme when it comes to their flagship devices, they used single letters to name them. You might also recall a report which claims that Samsung will completely re-invent the Galaxy S6 and that it won’t be yet another iterative update. Not only that, but it seems like this handset will sport an AMOLED panel 2560 x 1440 in resolution. Well, this time around we have another dosage of Galaxy S6 rumors, this time it has to do with S6’s screen.

The rumors say that this handset will sport a dual-edge display, which actually sounds like Samsung plans to implement some of Note Edge’s components into this device. An analyst, Jerry Kang, said at the last IHS Display Analyst Conference that the Galaxy S6 will sport a dual-edge display, which basically means the display will be curved on both left and right sides. The screen on the Note Edge is curved on one side and it’s kind of hard to image a device which would have the same implementation on both sides, that would be awfully hard to hold, impossible even. If this is true, Samsung will have to find a new way to implement this curved screen, which actually benefits the user. Jerry Kang also mentioned that Galaxy Note Edge was initially planned to arrive with a dual-edge display, but Samsung decided against it in the end.

This actually sounds really interesting, but I don’t see a way Samsung could implement the same configuration from the Note Edge on two sides, as I already mentioned. A different implementation could work, but I just can’t put the pieces together in my head, it looks weird and unwieldy either way I spin it. Perhaps you can think of a way this could actually work, if you do, please do share. Do you think this might actually happen?