Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sales Surpass Note 3 in U.S. and Western Europe

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 AH 4

Samsung’s quarterly earnings reports were getting so depressing, I think even many Samsung haters even pitied the once king of smartphones…NOT!  Watching what was happening to Samsung was like waiting and knowing a traffic accident was about to occur, telling the drivers to take another route to avoid disaster and just being ignored – we all knew it was coming, but Samsung knew best and ignored the warning signs and just like predicted, sales dropped.

Samsung really needed to hit that homerun with their flagship bread and butter device, the Galaxy S5, but it barely hit a double – not that it is a bad device, on the contrary, it is solid and well-built and many that originally mocked it, actually found it quite competent.  What it lacked was a new and fresh look that many of its competitors had achieved…and on deck was Samsung’s other cleanup hitter, the Galaxy Note 4, and Samsung was really worried about how it would be accepted – well, they are happy to report that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is on pace to outsell its highly successful predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3, especially in the U.S. and Europe.

Reports just last week had shown that Samsung sold 4.5 million Galaxy Note 4’s in its first month – down 500,000 from the Galaxy Note 3 – however, the Galaxy Note 4 was only being sold mainly in China and Korea, whereas the Galaxy Note 3 was sold in many countries as soon as it was released.  Now that it is being offered in Western Europe and the U.S., sales have really picked up and Samsung’s Senior Vice President, Kim Hyun-joon said that sales there are outpacing the Galaxy Note 3.

It is not surprising that the Galaxy Note 4 would sell better than its predecessor – the Galaxy Note 2 was a huge success because it was offered by all major carriers in the U.S., whereas the original Galaxy Note was an AT&T exclusive and there were many buyers that really wanted the device, but were not willing to jump to AT&T (myself included).  In a two-year contract cycle, those Galaxy Note 2 owners are ready to buy the new Galaxy Note 4…it may now be a strong enough update for current Galaxy Note 3 user to move up, but some always will.  The updates to the Galaxy Note 4 were enough to win people over – the metal frame, the faux leather minus the stitching, the QHD display, the Snapdragon 805 processor, and increased S-Pen functionality all combining to make a fantastic device.

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