Samsung Galaxy A7 Reaches The FCC Suggesting Release Is Getting Closer


Samsung do release quite a lot of phones each year and with a company as big as Samsung, we do normally get to see leaked information come down the wire before the device is released. That said, few devices have been leaked as much as the Samsung Galaxy A range. This particular set of devices took a long time coming to market. This was largely assumed to be because they were Samsung's first all metal devices. As a result, the rumors were that the A range had suffered some unforeseen delays in manufacturing. Finally though the A range of devices did eventually get launchedt, in China at least. This came at the end of October.

That said, there were three devices as part of the A range. Consisting of the Galaxy A3, the Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy A7. When the devices did launch in China back at the end of October, we only got to see two of them. The A3 and the A5 were the only ones that made an appearance. For some reason the A7 was further delayed with no particular reason as to why. In spite of this, in the days leading up to the release of the A range we did see a number of A7 events happening. For instance, the week before the launch, the A7 was confirmed on Samsung's website and was also noted hitting the GFX Bench with its own listing. This added to the surprise when the device did not seem to get launched along with the rest.


Well, if you ever needed an indication that the A7 is en-route then here it is. The A7 has finally hit the FCC. As you should know by now, once a device reaches the FCC, with its own listing it is normally not very far away from release. The FCC listing does confirm the height is 150mm and its width is 75mm. The only other definite information provided is that the A7 will support NFC and LTE. If you need to know a little bit more, then the device is expected to be an all metal device (like the rest of the range). In addition, the rumored specs include a 5.2" display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Inside, the A7 is expected to contain 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, a 12MP rear camera and a 64-bit Snapdragon 615 processor. For now though, the wait continues for the A7 to finally make its public debut.

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