Rumor: Second Generation Moto 360 To Be Released Early 2015


While 2014 has certainly been the year of the smart watches, there are already indications that 2015 will be just as Wear filled. Motorola released their highly sought Moto 360 back in September and immediately users took to the device with sales instantly making the device a hit. Initially, there was some issues noted in terms of its battery life on a day-to-day basis. However, an update soon followed and this seemed to wash away most of the battery concerns. Since then, Motorola also finally completed its move to become a Lenovo company and if you were wondering whether Lenovo had intentions to continue Motorola wearables, then you might be interested by this.

Gleb Mishin who is the vice president of Lenovo's Eastern Europe division clearly hinted at the likelihood of a Moto 360 successor. The information came during a press event Mishin was giving in Russia. During the Q&A part of the event, Mishin was asked about the Moto 360 and when it will arrive in Russia. In his response, Mishin noted that the current Moto 360 will be come available sometime in early 2015. Before further teasing the crowd by announcing that this will be about the same time that the next generation Moto 360 will be released. Besides its planned existence, little further details were provided by Mishin. Although he did note the next generation of the Moto 360 will come with a "modified design". Further adding that the next version will be "more beautiful and more like a clock".


So there you go. At the moment little can be taken from this, with no firm details provided. However, you can at least assume that Lenovo are indeed planning to release further wearables under their newly acquired Motorola banner. Not to mention if they do, then the next generation is likely to continue focusing on the overall style of the device. Lastly, if they do indeed tend to release the second generation sometime in early 2015 then it would be assumed they must be already somewhat down the path in terms of design and production. 2015 is after all, only around the corner. So either way, it won't be too long until we start hearing more details. So what do you think of the idea of a new Moto 360? Would you buy one? The current Moto 360 persuaded or dissuaded you? Whatever your thoughts, let us know.

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