Rumor: Samsung is Gearing Up to Release Another Line of Single-Letter Devices

November 7, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic


Samsung is a huge corporation and ever since the company started implementing Android OS into their devices and started releasing Galaxy devices they’ve been on the rise as far as smartphone business goes. It was slow at start but then it really took off. Samsung has been the number 1 OEM for a long time now, I’m talking about a worldwide positioning, of course. Everything was going great for the company and they just kept on doing what they were doing. Things started to go downhill earlier this year though, Samsung’s mobile business took a significant dive and the company felt the present of Chinese manufacturers which managed to get a huge chunk of Samsung’s market share, especially in China. LG is also on the rise and that also affected Samsung to some extent, for sure. The company had to re-think their strategy and see how can they shake things up in order to get back what they once had. Samsung introduced Galaxy Alpha smartphone, as well as a couple of other metal-made smartphones in order to change the direction the company was going. Galaxy A3 and A5 were also released and by doing that Samsung kicked-off a new line of phones which should alter the way Samsung was doing things.

It seems like this Korean giant won’t stop here though, latest rumors say that Galaxy S6 will be a completely new product, Samsung intends to completely re-invent it. That’s not all though, according to a new report, Samsung intends to introduce yet another line of devices which will consist of only 1 letter, like the Galaxy A line. The reports have also been saying that Samsung intends to tone down on the amount of devices they release every year and might concentrate on only a few brands, like the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A and this upcoming Galaxy B or whatever Samsung ends up calling it in the end. This might actually be a good move by the company because they managed to release so many devices thus far, that people actually started calling their phones “Galaxy” and actually ended up disappointed with some lower-end offerings. I also hope Samsung intends to re-invent their software offering because TouchWiz is still laggier than a ton of other custom skins, they really have to cut down on the amount of bloat they include with TouchWiz.