Rumor: Asus Planning To "Flood" The Chromebook Market Before End Of 2014


Chromebooks seems to be growing and growing this year both in terms of their general usage and capabilities. When they first hit the market Chromebooks were seen as a rather novel but pointless concept. After all, a laptop which only works while connected to the internet seemed to be a little pointless. That said, Samsung was credited with saving the Chromebook revolution with their Chromebooks which offered a decent level of build and functionality. Since then it seems just about everyone has jumped on the Chromebook bandwagon and released their own version of the Chromebook. More importantly from the user perspective, the ever increasing variety of Chromebooks has continued to offer much greater functionality and also much better price-points. Now for under $300 (or thereabouts) you can pick up a rather decent Chromebook running 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Although Chromebooks run primarily using online Chrome apps it does seem Google is striving to make more and more apps available (and compatible) for offline use. Thus changing the nature of the device.

With such an every increasing level of functionality with prices continually becoming more accessible, it is not a surprise that this market is booming at the moment. It also now seems that this is set to remain throughout the rest of 2014 and well into 2015. Even though we are now in the eleventh month of 2014 reports are emerging today that Asus is planning an onslaught on the Chromebook market. What does this mean? Well the reports are sketchy at best, but are suggesting Asus are preparing to "flood" the market with a large number of new Chromebooks before the year is out. This flooding is being touted as a number of different spec and capable Chromebooks which will be priced obviously at different points. The logic is Asus are looking to try and cater for all the market in one big swoop. More so, one of the assumptions being made on the Asus rumor is that this will greatly affect the prices of Chromebooks in general and driving them even further down which will be a good thing for consumers. To add to this it is also being touted that both Lenovo (Motorola's new owners) and Dell are both gearing up for new Chromebook releases in early 2015.


If you are planning on picking up a Chromebook soon and like the idea of an Asus market flooding then it is worth remembering that this is currently only at the rumor stage. In fact, it is actually not necessarily even a solid rumor but much more of a loose rumor. That said, we are already in November and if Asus do plan to flood the market before the year is out we won't exactly have to wait very long to find out how true the rumors are. Do you currently use a Chromebook? How do you like them? Would you prefer to see even cheaper models or are you worried with cheaper models will come a cheaper and more limited device? Let us know

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