Rogers Introduces ‘Roam Like Home’ for Roaming in the U.S.

November 8, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

There are many Canadians that also have winter residence in the U.S., not to mention visiting relatives, friends, a shopping spree, playing tourist or on a business trip to the U.S., and roaming charges can add up very quickly.  How many times have you popped an antacid just thinking about going on a U.S. trip worrying about the extra charges you will incur by crossing that border?  We have come to rely so much on our smartphones and tablets as our main means of communication, surfing the web, texting, taking and sending pictures and we really do not want to interrupted our routine when we travel.

According to Rogers, “the stress related to U.S. roaming has just disappeared,” with the introduction of their ‘Roam Like Home’ option that your ‘Share Everything Plan’ will now include automatically – if you are already an existing Share Everything Plan member, starting November 10 you too can sign up for the new option.  After all, it doesn’t cost you anything unless you use it, but when you must, it will cost you $5 per day for unlimited roaming, minutes, text and data while you are traveling in the U.S. – even while traveling, if you do not use your device on a particular day, you do not get charged the extra $5.  This is for EACH billing month, so you are basically getting 21 days a month free of the roaming charges before the cycle starts over again and your ten days at $5 begins over again.  If you go over your data usage while in the U.S., you are charged no more than if you were in Canada.

Rogers claim that customers were complaining that roaming was not always easy or affordable.  In a recent survey, 49-percent of Canadians who travel with their mobile device turns roaming off and 66-percent wait to share photos rather than uploading them in real-time to save on roaming charges.  Many customers will wait until they get to a restaurant or coffee shop that offers free Wi-Fi to conduct business and Rogers is hoping that their Roam Like Home program will let subscribers use their device in the U.S. as if they were at home in Canada.

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