Reddit Sync Next To Get Material Design Update And Makeover

November 19, 2014 - Written By John Anon

If you haven’t heard, Android 5.0 (Lollipop) is here. It’s landed and with it, has come the revolution that is Lollipop. However, the operating system is only one side of the coin. To go along with the full Lollipop experience, developers need to bring their apps in-line with Lollipop. This is what has become known as Material Design. Google even released their guidelines for what Material Design apps should look and feel like. Since then, we are seeing an ever-ending abundance of apps getting the Material Design treatment. In fact, almost on a daily basis, we hear of another app being updated to fit in with Lollipop. Today is no different and today’s newest updater is the popular Reddit app known as Reddit Sync.

If you are new to Reddit Sync but are a Reddit user then this very well might be for you. In short, the app allows you to Sync the feeds you follow (known as subreddits) so that you never miss any news. With the Sync app, all your reddit data streams will be there instantly available. The new update brings the app to version 10 and along with it, a whole bunch of Material Design aspects. The most notable aspect is the obvious use of a Card based UI. This arranges news in more of a card form consistent with the likes of Google Now. Besides this, the app has also undergone lots of minor changes like the sidebar now flowing out over the action bar and containing a more Material blue colored look and feel. In fact you can actually set the color of the bars to your preference including Material Light or Dark. Additional updated features include multi-user support, sidebar navigation and the ability for the app to remember which posts you have read (premium version).

The app was updated yesterday and is now available to download via the Play Store. The app comes in the traditional two-tier mode with the free version being…well free and funded by bottom running adverts. The premium version is available, costs $2.49 and is of course ad free. Are you already a Reddit Sync user? How do you like the changes? If not a user yet, will you be planning to give the app a try now that it is more Material Design based? Let us know your thoughts.