Promotion: Sygic GPS Navigation Upto 70% Off Select Licenses For A Limited Period

November 26, 2014 - Written By John Anon

Sygic GPS Navigation is a GPS navigation tool and in many ways is very similar to Google Maps. If you are connected all the time and have a decent data plan behind you then maybe Maps is enough. However, therein is the difference. Sygic does not require a connection like Maps and instead is totally compatible with offline use. In short, if you do not use a standalone GPS tool then Sygic GPS Navigation will take care of all your GPS needs, both online and offline. While also offering quite a few benefits that you won’t see on other navigation products including Heads Up Display (HUD) and BlackBox features.

What is Sygic GPS Navigation?

Sygic GPS Navigation is a powerful GPS unit that comes with the additional benefit of being powered by TomTom. This is a turn-by-turn navigation system which also provides directions in normal view as well as 3D viewing and voice activated instrcutions when required. As the system downloads maps instead of ‘streaming’ them, there is no issue when in areas of no coverage or in terms of data usage. Sygic is 100% offline compatible. Its also worth remembering though that Sygic is just as useful when online as off, as it allows the opportunity to view nearby restaurants, points-of-interest and the likes using your GPS.

sygic4Another benefit of offline usage is that all maps are stored locally on your device’s SD card and as such directions and information are always readily available. With TomTom underlying the technology, the maps are quite impressive with complete views of your surrounding areas, the landscape and full 3D cities. Additional features on offer include Pedestrian mode (for when you are not driving), drag and drop route editing, car audio integration and compatibility. Not to mention that Sygic GPS Navigation is compatible with Google Glass using its ‘Sygic Sync’ feature.

sygicSygic does offer users a free 7 day trial and as such you can test out the service without any commitment to upgrade. However, in preparation for the Black Friday weekend, Sygic are offering some heavily discounted licenses. Starting today and through until Monday you can purchase either the ‘Europe and Russia’ maps or the North American maps at greatly reduced prices. Europe and Russia is available with 70% off while North American with 50% off. Its worth noting that these licences are for life and as a result you will always receive free (multiple) maps updates per year.

Heads Up Displaysygic_HUD1

Heads Up Display is an extremely useful feature. We have seen similar standalone products like this, come out this year. However, these all typically require an additional HUD unit. With Sygic you simply buy the add-on and the feature is there ready to go and incorporated into your smartphone. With HUD your smartphone becomes the hardware and projects the maps (and of course directions) onto your windscreen. Similar to navigation in normal mode, HUD allows turn by turn directions, will inform you of speed cameras, ETA’s, as well as your current speed and the current speed limit. As part of the holiday Promotion HUD is available for a limited time at 50% off its standard cost.


sygic_blackBoxSygic also offers a BlackBox feature. BlackBox acts as a video recorder for your car allowing direct and uninterrupted filming from your widescreen. If you are in a road accident then BlackBox has the ability to record and provide evidence of the events as they unfold. Similar to HUD, no additional hardware is needed for the BlackBox feature. Instead users can again simply purchase the add-on and begin filming with their smartphone. To add to its primary feature, BlackBox can also be used while the phone is providing navigation. In short, it can provide your navigational directions from its display while also filming from its rear. Videos can be saved and exported off of the device and used as and when needed. As part of the Holiday Promotion and similar to HUD, BlackBox is also available for a limited period at 50% off its normal cost.


sygic_multiSo just to recap, the Sygic GPS Navigation’s Holiday promotion will be running from today (Wednesday) through until Monday 1st December. Offers on promotion include Europe and Russia which is available for 70% off its normal cost. North America is also available as part of the sale with 50% off its standard price. If you are interested in the more unique Sygic features then both the Heads Up Display (HUD) and BlackBox features can also be purchased with 50% off. To download the app head over to the Sygic GPS Navigation Play Store Listing. For more information on any of the products, the sale or Sygic in general head over to the Sygic GPS Navigation Website. You may also want to check out our review of Sygic from last year or check out the video below.