The OnePlus Two Will Offer Greater Customizability And Remain Affordable


One of the most talked about smartphones this year has been the OnePlus One. It may not have landed in as many hands as say an iPhone, but the One certainly did grab the market by its throat. What OnePlus attempted was significantly different from orthodoxy, and although it did bring the company some bad publicity, the phone itself continues to stay in the headlines, mostly for the right reasons.

Last December was when talks about a young startup who wanted to disrupt the smartphone scene first started to originate. The One was finally released in April this year, and at a starting price of just US$299, with the bells and whistles of a leading flagship, the One instantly turned into an object of desire for smartphone enthusiasts from the would around. The invite model did make it difficult for people to get hold of the one initially, but with time, it got easier. Nonetheless, the focus is now gradually shifting from the One to the next coming. We don’t know what it will be called, so let’s assume for clarity’s sake that it will be the OnePlus Two.

The Times of India, citing ‘sources familiar to the situation’, ran a report that talked about the OnePlus Two. It says that the phone will continue to be affordable; perhaps not US$299 affordable, but more in the sub-US$500 category. It also goes on to point to greater customizability; if you remember, the OnePlus One was launched with a promised set of ‘StyleSwap’ covers that would give the phone more personality. These covers were to be offered in a range of textures and materials, including Kevlar, Bamboo, Denim, etc. While most variants of the StyleSwap covers never saw light of day, the Bamboo version did get into production. OnePlus, however, had to cancel the sales of these covers due to quality issues. Only a small batch ultimately went on sale.

Some months back, in a Reddit AMA, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei also hinted at a phone that would be smaller in size than the One. To remind you, the One comes with a 5.5-inch display which might not be to everyone’s taste, and thus, a smaller (5.2-inch perhaps?) screen phone beckons. Whatever it be, you can certainly expect OnePlus to come up with something different, something radical.