OnePlus Provide Assistance For Newly Arriving iOS Users To The OnePlus One


Right, before you read any further you should bear this in mind. This is not for all you android veterans out there. We all battle with each other over who has the best device, who is running the closest version of 'stock' android, who is getting Lollipop first and in short, who is the best. This is the joy of being an android fan. If though, you are over on the dark side (otherwise known as iOS) then it is presumed your internal debates on iosheadlines (or whatever they use) are a little less varied. Its not like they have the selection we do on android. Plus, I guess the only hardware debates that one could have would be who is better out of the iPhone 6 or the 6 Plus. A little limited for my liking. So before you all berate this article, take a moment to appreciate those former iOS users who have now made the transition over to android.

With such a transition from 'them' to 'us', users might find themselves overwhelmed with the variety of choices, tweaking and general heightened level of fun. As a result, last month Google published a guide to help those who wanted to crossover from iOS to Android. The Google guide included details on syncing, transferring data and so on. Now, with the iPhone 6 being released it is assumed Apple users might be ready for a bigger device…maybe even phablet devices. As such, it looks like OnePlus are gearing towards snatching a few of those migrating Apple users. In a similar fashion to Google, OnePlus have released a quick guide to help iOS users switch to their flagship device, the OnePlus One.┬áThe OnePlus guide includes details on switching your contacts, switching your music, your email and downloading the equivalent apps from the Play Store. You can tell this is a newbie guide due to some of the language OnePlus uses "Google Play is the Larry Page equivalent to App Store". Not to mention the OnePlus guide has tried to make sure even the smallest details are covered "You don't have to live without smiling piles of poo. Get those classic emojis by downloading the Emoji Keyboard by Barley Mobile or Emoji Keyboard by Emoji Life".


So, reverting back to the earlier statement. This is not for you android folk but for those who are breaching the sands of Android Bay. Of course, all you androidians..androidans? who fancy an interesting (and sometimes amusing) read, then you should check the guide out too. Whether new or old you can read OnePlus's guide in full by clicking here. Once your done, make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you thought of it…and of course any other suggestions you think an iOS converter should know.

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