OnePlus Officially Announce Partnership With Amazon India To Sell The One

It almost seems a day doesn't pass anymore without OnePlus making the headlines. This used to be more towards the OnePlus invite system and their various competitions to obtain an invite. However, the times are changing and so is OnePlus. Since the initial launch of the OnePlus One (more affectionately known as the OPO) the device has seen immense interest. In particular, one market which seems to have really taken to the OPO is India. This was slightly surprising as India was not one of the original seventeen countries the One launched in. Not to mention the device is still not currently available in India. That said, OnePlus were quick to note the interest shown by India and duly did announce they were making plans to bring the device to the Indian smartphone market.

A couple of days ago we reported that it seems the OnePlus One was going to be made available in India via Amazon. At the time there was no official announcement made but the assumption was based upon a teaser advert which went live on Amazon and seemed to show the OPO. Well, now it seems this has been confirmed. An official announcement has gone live this morning (in India) advising that OnePlus have gone into partnership with Amazon to deliver the One to local customers. Furthermore, the announcement helps to explain the confusion between the recently announced Indian Invite system and Amazon. It seems invites will definitely be in use to purchase the One. However, customers in India with an invite will be able to purchase the device through Amazon. So, to be clear. Once you have an invite, the invite will be used via Amazon and not OnePlus. According to the press release, there will be no other way to purchase the One without an invite, even through Amazon.

The Amazon invite redeeming service will commence operationally on December 2nd. Until then though, those interesting in an invite can register for one with OnePlus by clicking here. The partnership between OnePlus and Amazon marks the first partnership OnePlus has embarked on with a local partner. Not to mention the inclusion of Amazon marks an entirely new model and framework that we have not seen from OnePlus in other regional markets. What's more is OnePlus are keen to make sure users experience a good after-sales service in India. The press release notes "This will be the first region in which a localized service infrastructure is established, offering phone and walk-in support to users around the country". So what do you think of the new model and OnePlus partnership? Are you India based? If so are you looking forward to the release of the One? Whatever your thoughts let us know.

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