OnePlus Confirm 'Round Two' Of No-Invite Sale On November 17th For The One


If you have been following the ongoing OnePlus saga then you will know about their notorious invite system. Those who were trolling the forums and social media sites for an invite would have been very happy when OnePlus finally announced they would drop the invites and offer customers the opportunity to buy the One. Albeit, only as part of a one hour sale. Well, those following the news (or those who tried to purchase) will certainly know the one-hour sale greatly backfired. Instead of offering customers the opportunity to buy the One, the OnePlus servers were overwhelmed with the number of users trying to checkout. As such the OnePlus site seemed to be permanently down for the duration of the sale. So much so that within twenty minutes of the one hour sale starting, OnePlus announced the available-to-buy option would remain open for three hours in total. Did this solve the problem? Well, not really. Instead of being overwhelmed for only one hour, the OnePlus servers were in fact overwhelmed for the entire three hours. As you can imagine this left a number of customers extremely unhappy.

Well, as a means of recourse the very next day OnePlus announced they would offer another one hour sale. This time making sure their servers were prepared for the influx of buyers. Well, with a week to the set date, OnePlus have announced there are indeed hosting a 'round two'. So just to recap. If you are after a One Plus One, then the window to buy (without an invite) will be on November 17th. Remember this is only an hour long sale and the time it will begin is 1600 GMT ( 4pm UK Time). That's 8am PT time and 11am EST time. Similar to the last sale it seems OnePlus are again offering all of their current accessories at a reduced price to those who buy a One. This includes their new JBL earphones which you can pick up for $29.99, instead of the normally listed $39.99. Unfortunately, these discounted accessories are only available to new One owners. All current One owners have to pay the full price. Sorry guys.


Word to the wise. Just because OnePlus say they are better prepared this time, does not mean their servers won't suffer similar issues on the day. You do only have one hour to complete your sale. So if you really want a One you are highly encouraged to use the 'Prepare My Pre-order' tool on the OnePlus site. With this, you can effectively go through the ordering process (including adding accessories) and then you will only have to click through to checkout during the flash sale. This route will offer you the least amount of clicks before completing your purchase. Less amount of clicks means less chance of the site crashing on you. So, will you be trying again to pick up the One during the flash sale? Don't care anymore about the One? Can't be bothered with the aggravation of the one hour sale format? Whatever your thought, let us know.

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