OmniROM Update On Android 5.0 (Lollipop) And Its Current Progress


If you are part of the custom ROM community then you will have certainly heard of CyanogenMod (CM). The ROM created by Cyanogen is evidently the most popular ROM out there and has established itself as the go-to ROM for many new custom converts. That said, in recent times some of the CyanogenMod users have started to feel that CM has become too commercial. An example of this is there recent separation of CM from its commercially distributed Cyanogen OS. As a result, a number of other ROMs have recently started to reach prominence and creating their own buzz. One of these ROMs is OmniROM. The migration towards OmniROM is fairly understandable as the ROM generally bases itself on the same principle as CM, offering users a close-to-stock but solid and reliably custom ROM.

With an ever growing and expanding user base and with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) finally landing, it is no surprise that OmniROM users are already getting impatient to know when they will get Lollipop. Well, OmniROM have recently released a blog post hoping to answer a number of questions related to Lollipop. The most obviously question is when? In terms of this, OmniROM simply said "soon". They are a little hush on providing any real firm dates in this respect, but did want to make it clear that they are working on Lollipop and do plan to release a version of it soon enough. Similar to CM, the released version will come in a 'nightlie' form and as such will be an experimental version. This means it might be buggy, some things might not work and overall it is not considered a 'stable' release.


In addition, OmniROM also took the opportunity to advise that not all devices running OmniROM will be compatible with Lollipop. This they claim is largely due to two dominant factors. The first is a lack of OEM support for Lollipop while the second reason is OmniROM simply do not have enough maintainers to account for all devices. However, OmniROM did look to reassure those device owners that if their device is not supported by Lollipop, they will do their best to continue an extended long-term level of support for Android 4.4 (KitKat). Lastly, the post suggests if you want to get involved in either helping the porting of Lollipop for specific devices or interested in helping on a long-term plan for KitKat support then to get in touch with them. Either way and whatever your interest, you can read the full blog by clicking here. Are you an OmniROM user? How do you rate the ROM? Will you switch to another ROM like CM if they manage to port Lollipop for your device first? Whatever your thoughts let us know.

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