Official TWRP Recovery Now Available For The Nexus 9

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For those who like to customize, rooting and custom recoveries are the key. Once a device has been rooted and a custom recovery like TWRP (TewmWin Recoevry Project) or CWM (Clockwork Mod) installed. Then the ability to change your device’s operating system, features and feel become endless. As such, when a new device is released the race is always on for that new device to get the rooted and customer recovery treatment. That said, Google’s Nexus 9 has been a bit of an exception to the standard race. This was technically the first device to hit the market running android’s new operating system, Android 5.0 (Lollipop). As this was a new operating system it came with the added issues of enhanced security and changes to the code. This led many to the assumption that rooting and custom recoveries might not be possible with Lollipop devices.

However, within a couple of days it was already being reported that the Nexus 9 had been rooted. Chainfire who is responsible for one of the most widely used rooting tools had managed to break through Lollipop and offered Nexus 9 owners the opportunity to root. The first barrier to customization had been breached. That left only the custody recovery needed to be realized for users to get going on tweaking their devices. As you already probably know from the title, that time has come. TWRP has now been officially ported for the Nexus 9.

As this is a Lollipop port of TWRP, there are some notable changes from the more typical TWRP we have come to know on earlier versions. These include adding decrypt support for Lollipop’s enhanced encrypted partitions. In addition, changes include alterations to exFAT as well as more minor bugs fixes. That said, TWRP for the Nexus 9 is alive and kicking and you can download and install it now on your system. As this is a Nexus, the installation process is rather simple and the same as what we have seen in the past for this range. You will need to have ADB/Fastboot installed on your computer as well as an unlocked bootloader. If those are already in place and you know how to use them then what are you waiting for. The world of custom ROMs awaits.