Official Nexus 6 Naked Tough Case Available Via Google Play Store


Almost all of my devices have lived for some of their life with an official accessory. Yes, they’re often more expensive than the generic style accessories, and sometimes they’re not as well made as the better-known brands, but they almost always compliment the device in question. If it’s a case we’re talking about, whilst most devices are tough, cosmetic damage is impossible to unsee once you know it’s there. My 2013 Nexus 7 picked up a scratch on the screen courtesy of my cat trying to steal cheesecake (don’t ask!) and even though it makes no day to day difference on the tablet, I see it every time I use it! For me, when I buy a case it’s quite a deliberate exercise because it’s the case that I’m going to be handling more than the device, so it has to look and feel right in the hand. It also needs to provide protection for the device; if it doesn’t give me protection, I’m as well to save my money and not bother!

This leads me on to the Google Nexus 6, which has a number of accessories available via the Google Play Store and today we’ve news that the Naked Tough Case is now on sale in North America. The Naked Touch Case is a transparent case that shows off the device, provides it with support and contains a handy media stand built into the back, too. The design of the case is perfect if you want to let the world know that you have a Nexus 6 but you also want to protect it from drops, scuffs and the like. The case is $35 and is showing two day availability if you’re interested. There’s bad news if you’re in the UK; it’s still showing as “coming soon” but at least we know the price, which will be £25 when it’s released.

The other official case for the Nexus 6, the Stand Folio Case, is still showing as “coming soon.” This looks more like a wallet style case with credit card slots, plus as you’d expect from the name it’s also a device stand too. This style of case looks similar to the official HTC Flip Case, which I’ve used with my One M7 and appreciated for a long time. Do you like the official accessories released with a device? Or do you have one particular brand of case that you always buy for your device(s)? Do you pick a device based on the available cases? Let us know in the comments below.