Official Flyers Confirm Squared Home Button on the Meizu MX4 Pro, Tease 2K Display

It's just been a little over a couple of months since Meizu announced their latest flagship in the form of the MX4. The device is the world's first to use the MediaTek MT6595 high performance chipset; if the brand name (MediaTek) puts you off, then think again, for the MT6595 is one hell of a performer. Coming back to the MX4, turns out it isn't destined to stay at the top of the Meizu hierarchy, for there's another, more powerful variant of the device brewing in the Meizu backyard.

We've known about this new phone for a while, but Meizu have been unconventionally secretive (their CEO is known to spill the beans well ahead of time) this time. However, we have managed to glimpse at some alleged leaked photos of the device, which point at a rounded-square home button, which is a far cry from Meizu's traditional (and honestly, awesome) halo ring. Nonetheless, there's got to be some additional functionality on this new design for Meizu to ditch the successful halo, and from what we're hearing, it's going to be well worth the shift.

Latest flyers served fresh from China consolidate on previous leaks -- this includes the aforementioned sqaured home button and a fingerprint reader. We're also hearing there'll be a sapphire crystal coating on the home button -- Apple style -- to make it easier to use and durable at the same time. Meizu clearly didn't aim at the stars with the MX4, which was a certain indication that a bigger launch was around the corner; the MX4 Pro leaks and teasers only go to reassure us on that.

What else do you find in the recipe of a 2014 flagship in the cookbook? A 2K screen. Again, Meizu's got us covered on that as well. Teasers read, very interestingly, "1080p? Think Higher". We can only assume 'higher' in this case translates to a 2560 x 1440 pixel screen, which is somewhat a trend for any high end phone these days. Coming back to the fingerprint reader, it's expected to be a 'touch' type of a reader and not a 'swipe' one; meaning, you'll only have to touch your finger once to get the fingerprint registered, unlike say the Galaxy S5 where you have to perform a swipe action on the reader.

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