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Yesterday, the 'new' new Nokia unleashed the N1 onto the world and while it sadly won't be available until next year, there's plenty reason to get excited by Nokia's latest - and first tablet running Android - tablet. A departure from the Microsoft controlled days of old, the Nokia N1 is a fresh take on what a tablet should be and while the design is sadly reminiscent of the iPad Mini, it's undeniably a good-looking piece of hardware. The specs on the inside are great as well, and it's also one of the first tablets to feature a reversible USB Type-C connector that can be inserted either way round you like.

Powered by a 64-bit Quad-Core Intel Atom, the Nokia N1 is clearly going to be a high performer. In a couple of videos, Nokia talk about the direction they were headed with the N1's design and their approach to software. In a couple of videos, Nokia goes through the Z Launcher and the N1 overall. Below, Nokia's product manager, Tuukka J¤rvenp¤¤, gives us a very quick look at the N1:

Nokia's Head of Design, Axel Meyer, however talks a little more about why they went the way they did with the N1. Overall, Meyer talks about how devices are built and why they wanted the N1 to be a solid device that simply fades away into the background. The Z Launcher continues to be the overall focus here and I can't say I blame them for talking about it so much. It seems like Nokia have created a new way of interacting with Android without taking away what makes Android, Android. You can take a look at the video below to see what Mayer has to say of the company's new tablet.

Sadly, the Nokia N1 is slated for release next February in China, with a release said to hit Europe and Russia later on in the year. Hopefully, Nokia isn't returning to their old ways of struggling to release devices in the US though, as it'd be nice for everyone to get a chance to play around with the N1.

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