Nexus Devices Running Lollipop Now Include A Tell Google What You Think Feature


Have you picked up a Google Nexus 6 or a Google Nexus 9 yet? If so, how is it? Do you like it? If not then what do you think of the Nexus line-up in general? Liked the Nexus 4 or 5, or maybe the 7 or 10? Well, whatever your thoughts on Nexus devices, it seems Google wants to know. Not only do they want to know but they have made it actually very easy for you to tell them your thoughts.

Yes, it seems there is a now an in-built feedback function on Nexus devices, allowing its owners to tell them what they think of their device. The blatantly dubbed Send feedback about this device¬†feature is now available and hidden within the settings. If you want to get to it then open your main settings panel. Head down to 'About Phone'…of course this will be 'About Tablet' if running the Nexus 7, 9 or 10. From here, you should see the 'Send Feedback about this device' option. Once opened you will be able to give your feedback (whatever it is) and have it beamed straight back to Google at Mountain view. Its not quite sure of course how (or who) that information will be beamed to. It's unlikely someone is sitting there right now waiting for your feedback, but nevertheless you can send it. It's also not clear if you are likely to get a response (other than an automated one) to your feedback. To be honest, it is virtually impossible that you will, due to the sheer number of devices out there. However, just because you don't hear them does not mean they can't hear you. So maybe you should give the feature a try and give Google a piece of your mind.


Before you go searching for the newly added feature, there does seem to be one caveat in place though. You do have to be running on Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Yes, the feature only seems to be available on the newest version of Android. In terms of the devices, as mentioned this is believed to be working on all Nexus models. It is also assumed most Google Play Edition (GPE) devices will offer the feature too. Of course, that will be the entirety of the list. Although you might be running a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z3, Google is unlikely to want to know what you think of those devices. After all, why would they? So are you going to give the new feature a try and let Google know what you think? If so, why don't you let us know first and leave a comment with your thoughts

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