Nexus 6 on Rogers for $299.99 on a Two-Year Contract

Nexus 6 Review AH 20

We are back talking about the ‘wild ride’ of the Nexus 6 – this has been one of the sloppier launches in smartphone history, and maybe the most frustrating one.  We would like to think that we can expect more from Google…after all, this was all coordinated when Google still owned Motorola.  Google opened up orders for the Nexus 6 and within 10 minutes, they were sold out.  We also knew that the Nexus 6 was to launch on several Canadian carriers sometime in the near future for $750 for the 32GB model and that the U.S. carriers were offering it up on a two-year deal at $250.

According to our source, we can now see that Rogers will carry the 32GB Nexus 6, in Midnight Blue only, for $300 of a two-year contract…we are assuming that other carriers will follow Rogers in the pricing department – $300 on contract and $750 off contract.  Hopefully, our source will be able to shed more light on a release date in the near future as everybody that wants this new flagship phone, is impatiently waiting.

The arrival of the new Nexus 6 is still a mixed bag for those that want to purchase this 6-inch monster of a phone – Google took its size, specs, price and trying to get a hold of one, to a new level.  Google took what was once a specialty niche smartphone, loved only by the ‘Nexus People,’ and seems to have turned their back on the ones that loved the Nexus line the most, and instead, opened it up so that the general public would also want to purchase one.  They took away the Play Store exclusivity, and are now allowing the major U.S. carriers to sell it as well – which is a good thing, since a buyer can get the Nexus 6 at a subsidized price on a two-year contract.  But the purest of operating systems, that was available untainted from Google’s Play Store, may now contain the carriers bloatware, that we all loath so much.  It is as if the world has gone mad or at the very least, has fallen off its axis.  What was once such a ‘sure thing,’ has turned into a techno geek’s nightmare – it is bad  enough that it is so large and expensive, but we are not even able to purchase one.

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