Nexus 6 Folio Case Now Available To Buy On The Play Store


If you are one of the lucky ones then you will already have your Google Nexus 6 in hand. If you are one of the very lucky ones then you will have a non-carrier branded model. For the AT&T Nexus 6 owners out there, sorry guys. Either way and whichever Nexus 6 you have, you will probably need a case for it. At this time of year it can get cold outside and you want your little fella (not that little actually) to be protected. Well, if that's you then you will probably already be aware of what's on offer.

About three weeks ago Google added the Nexus 6 accessory cases to the Play Store. These came in the form of a Naked Tough Case and the Folio case. In terms of pricing, neither were particularly cheap with the Naked case coming in at $35 and the Folio one at $40. The Naked case was a bit of a boring one as not really that much to comment on. It was a rear attached, transparent case designed to withstand and protect against bumps. The Folio case however was much more interesting and functional. As the name suggests, this is a folio case consisting of the front flip cover and back covering. As with most of these cases the folio case allowed for positioning of the Nexus 6 in an ideal viewing position for watching movies. After all, with a screen that big you might as well be watching a few blockbusters. To add to this, the Folio case also contained two inner lined card pockets. Perfect for your driving licence, credit cards or library cards. Never leave home without your library card folks. That's living too dangerously. If you want the more technical info then the Folio case comes with microfiber lining, measures 162mm x 89mm x 14mm and weighs 66g. The important bit to note there is the 14mm as this means you are looking at an extra 14mm thickness to the already large device. In terms of color, there is a whole bunch of choices…black.


Anyway, the cases went semi-live at the start of November meaning that they were listed but still not available to purchase. It now seems as an extra thanksgiving day present the Folio case has gone fully live and is now available to buy. Shipping on the item is listed as 1-2 days, providing the case and stay in stock longer than the Nexus 6 did. So, are you planning to pick a folio case up?

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