Nexus 6: A Look At The Contract Plans Offered By Carphone Warehouse in the UK

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Whether you think its just the right size or just too big for the average user, the Nexus 6 has got people talking. If you are looking to purchase the Nexus 6, are you going to take it on contract from a carrier or buy it outright? For UK dwellers, we have some details as to the plans that Carphone Warehouse are offering, and how much it will cost you courtesy of Reddit. We’ve broken it down carrier by carrier below:







As you can see from the above plans, the data allowances are pretty miserly, with a couple of exceptions. O2 have a plan that offers 5GB of data, and Vodaphone offer 4GB on one of their plans. Some of the plans may be cheaper, but they offer a paltry 512mb of data, even the most frugal of user would struggle to get through the month on that. And whats the point of having 4G if you can blast through your allowance in a few minutes? Everyone has different needs when it comes to data allowances though, and if you have access to WiFi for the majority of the time, then you should be able to scrape by on the plans offering 1-2GB. For the data hogs among us, it looks like they will have cough up the extra cash for more data.It should be noted that all the plans above are for 24 month agreements.

Of course, a carrier that isn’t mentioned above is Three UK, who are famous for offering unlimited data allowances on their plans. Carphone Warehouse don’t offer Three contracts at the present time, and Three UK haven’t published details on pricing. But if you are a heavy user, it may be worth keeping your powder dry until they do so, provided you get good signal coverage from them.

Remember that if you are going to order a contract online from Carphone Warehouse, you can save some cash by ordering through one of the cashback websites such as Quidco or Topcashback. And if you are planning on ordering a Nexus 6, don’t forget that the Official Naked Tough Case for the Nexus 6 should be available from the Google Play Store soon for £25 in the coming weeks. If you’ve seen any great deals for the Nexus 6 in the UK, let us (and your fellow readers) know about them in the comments below or at our Google Plus page.

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