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If you are like us then you cannot simply get enough of Project Ara at the moment. For those not up to speed Ara is Google's new take on smartphones. If you haven't heard of Ara then maybe the last sentence has left you thinking "like Nexus right"…well wrong. Ara is a world away from Nexus. In fact, without getting too Whovian about it, its another dimension away from Nexus. As a brief recap Ara is in the very shortest terms a modular smartphone. The modular nature means you can easily swap in and out various components of the phone like its processor, RAM, camera and literally whatever you want. Ara means you will no longer buy more than one smartphone again, but instead will just upgrade the bits you want, when you want. No more companies trying to bundle in another companies camera and someone else's processor. The choice is yours.


More recently the news about Ara was that it will be making its presence felt in January at Google's two upcoming developer conferences in the form of a working prototype. Speaking of which we were also recently treated to a great video which showed an Ara prototype actually booting up into Android. Well if you were excited by all that then you will love these new pictures. The pictures again show the latest prototype of Ara and again show it booting up into the familiar Android operating system. More Interestingly, compared to what we saw a couple of weeks ago in the video, the software seems to be far more developed now with Ara shown playing video files as well as various other apps. It's also quite nice to see Ara from behind while booted, as it looks rather spacey with components on view through Ara's transparent case. The images are provided via Engadget and we are pretty sure we will be hearing more about their interview very soon.

In the meantime how do you like the look of Ara. Now that the device is becoming more user-ready, are you getting more excited? Will you be one of the first to jump on board the Ara train when it is unleashed? Or do you think you will hold on for a more stable and concept-proven release? Whatever you think about Ara let us know.

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