The New Google Calendar With Events From Gmail And Schedule View Is Live On The Play Store

November 14, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

If the fact that it’s Friday wasn’t enough to perk up your spirits then perhaps the news of Google’s Calendar getting updated and having availability on the Play Store to everyone will do the trick. Yep, the new Google Calendar is now live on the Play Store for all, bringing in all the Material Design UI changes that were shown off earlier in the month. When you open the calendar, you’ll  now see bold, bright visual color queues for dates, events, and headers, and to top things off there is even a set of awesome looking backdrops that are Google Now inspired to bring a little more life to the calendar app.

If you remember from one of our earlier posts about the calendar app and what it included, events from Gmail is a nice new addition that should help people who hate manually entering in data about dates and events into their calendar. It also works perfectly for those who just plain forget about certain events.(hey it happens to the best of us)With the new events from Gmail feature, if calendar picks up any events or dates that you’ve gotten an email about, it’ll automatically enter the information for you on the specific date and time listed in the email.

There’s also the new assists feature which aims to give you smart suggestions on event titles, places and people for the event. The information begins appearing as you type, so you don’t have to fill out every little detail. Think of it like the next level of predictive text, suggesting not just words but places for the event or places to go to in the location where they event is being held, people to see or add to the event and what to call it. The schedule view is another new feature that you’ll notice, which can give you photos and maps of the places you’re going so you can simply look at your schedule at a glance. It’s a nice refreshing update that should bring a lot of functionality to a simple application we all probably use nearly every day. The app is live in the Play Store now and you should be able to see the update in your “my apps” list. Check it out, then let us know what you think.