NASA Hands Over Management Of Iconic Moffett Field With $1.16 Billion Lease Agreement

November 11, 2014 - Written By Mark Collins

NASA announced today that Moffett Airfield is to have some new life and once again be the heart of some technological development. In the announcement they stated that Planetary Ventures LLC, a subsidiary operated by Google, will manage Moffett Federal Airfield (MFA) which is located in Moffett Field, CA. NASA still plans to use the Ames Research Center onsite. The well-known Hanger One on the site is to be renovated and be the center of the operations while being home to “high-tech innovation from research, development assembly and testing of space exploration, aviation, rover/robotics and other emerging technologies.” Says NASA. The site will continue to benefit the Mountain View area public by educating about the role of technology in the history of Silicone Valley and legacy of the site with the use of an educational facility.

“We are fortunate to have had significant input from surrounding communities on setting a future path for Moffett Field” said Ames Director S. Pete Worden. “With the involvement of citizens of Mountain View and Sunnydale, we are confident the results will benefit all parties.”

NASA came to the agreement with the vision of releasing some of their footprint on Earth in an effort to increase its presence in space. The lease will reduce operational costs of the property for NASA by $6.3 million annually, while putting Planetary Ventures LLC’s total investment at $1.16 Billion over the course of the 60 year lease. NASA will continue to own the 1000 acre property while giving Google rights to manage the whole property. The total property consists of Hanger One, Two, and Three an airfield flight operations building, two runways, and a private golf course. The runways have been used in the past by some Google execs private planes per some reports.


Moffett field has been creating technological history for years. In the 30’s it was where you could catch sight of one of the sky cruisers. Sky cruisers were military aircraft similar to a blimp. Moffett Field has been the site of development of many aircraft and other technologies in the following years. The onsite Moffett Field Historical Society Museum is onsite close to the iconic Hanger One.