Motorola Offers Device Repair On The Nexus 6 With Moto Care Package For $129.99

November 20, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

When it comes to protection for your brand new smartphone these days, there’s plenty of options to choose from whether that be a protective case for the device to absorb any shock during drops or any other kinds of damage that could befall your new handset, or whether you might choose to purchase some sort of protection plan through your carrier to get the phone replace in the event that it gets damaged beyond repair and stops working. A couple of the OEM’s out in the market even started recently offering a replacement for devices should the screens get cracked or the phone gets damaged within the first two years after purchase.

Motorola joins HTC in offering a replacement on devices if they get damaged, with their Moto Care program for the Google Nexus 6. If you happen to drop your Nexus 6 from 15 feet up and it doesn’t survive, it seems that Motorola has your back on this one. The obvious was already stated, the damage on your device has to be within the first two years of when you bought the phone. The other factor may not be so obvious unless you read the terms of the Moto Care offer. Which is that you have to buy the phone through the Motorola website to be eligible for Moto Care on the Nexus 6. So no Play Store purchases, no picking the phone up through your local carrier store.

If you have already grabbed your Nexus 6 order from Motorola or are now planning to after seeing this protection offer, you can grab the Moto Care package for $129.99. Purchases that have already been made though have to be within a 30 day time window if they want Moto Care. This is pretty standard even for carrier offered protection plans, which are usually a 14 day timeframe to set up any sort of device protection plans so 30 days is actually pretty generous. If you want to sign up for Moto Care you can do so by hitting the source link below which takes you right to the Moto Care front page, and you can set up a repair on a damaged device or track a repair if you have already had to set one up.