Motorola Now Selling Moto 360 With Slim 18mm Metal Bands


By now you should be pretty familiar with the Moto 360 smartwatch by Motorola. We have covered it extensively and it already seems to be one of the most popular Android Wear devices out there. This is largely due to its emphasis on looking (and feeling) more like a traditional watch. This comes in the form of a rounder shape accompanied by more traditional watch straps. Since its launch we have a seen a number of accessories and customization options pop up. At the end of October Amazon accidently uploaded a number of links for upcoming leather and metal bands although these links were quickly pulled again. A couple of days afterwards it was reported AT&T had started selling the leather straps and as such you could pick up one of these and make your watch even more watch-like. However, it seems the metal straps have really caught users attention.

Now, we had known about the metal bands but getting hold of them has taken their time. Motorola did already let loose the 23mm (wider) metal straps, but it was also announced they would be soon releasing a thinner and slimmer 18mm metal straps. Although details on the actual release date were not given. Well, the day has arrived and you can now pick up a Moto 360 direct from Motorola with the slim metal bands. If you are after silver then the band comes in the 18mm option and will set you back $299.99 which is the same price as the metal 23mm options. Motorola are also listing the "Champagne Gold" band and this again is an 18mm band although comes at a more premium price. The Champagne Gold option will set you back $329.99.


So there you go. If you are thinking about picking up a Moto 360 (or sticking one on your Christmas wish list) then you now have a full selection of choices. You can get the leather strap or either of the metal 18mm and 23mm options. However, you will be pushing the price up if you go for either of the last two. You could of course hold on for Black Friday, but it's doubtful any of these will drop in price this year. Whatever way you go drop us a line and let us know.

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