It's Motorola Jim, But Not As We Know It

motorola solutions

You know Motorola right? They make the Moto X, the Moto 360 and the new Nexus 6? Well, yeah, not that one. The other Motorola. You see a few years back Motorola split into two companies who eventually became ‘Motorola’ and ‘Motorola Solutions’. The first Motorola (we will call it ‘our one’) makes all the Moto stuff we love and is the one recently picked up by Lenovo. The second Motorola (we will call it the ‘other one’) seems to have gone AWOL and a little bit renegade. Yes the other one is making cranked up, super elite phones for the police, the military and presumably end of the world preppers. Don’t believe me? That’s fine. Meet Motorola’s LEX 700 and LEX L10 phones. These are part of the ‘Mission Critical’ range. How cool is that name. Don’t you wish your Moto 360 was a ‘Moto Mission Critical 360’? Yeah, you do.

Both the LEX 700 and LEX L10 are designed for extreme situations and as such are built like they have just stepped out of the gym. They are big, bulky and will take a pounding. The LEX 700 runs on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) and powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor. According To the listing this one is “Built for the street” and designed to withstand harsh conditions including “repeated drops on concrete“. The LEX L10 is the LTE option and designed for one-handed use (you know like when you are using the other hand to abseil down a building) with its no-slip grip design and 4.7” screen. The LEX L10 comes with triple microphones which offer enhanced voice clarity, noise reduction and echo cancellation. In addition, the LEX L10 comes with dual 1 watt front facing speakers and is equipped with ‘Covert mode’ as well as “Security enhanced Android OS”. In short, one bad mo…bile.

So there you go. if you thought Motorola were making waves this year you should seriously check out Motorola Solution’s offerings. Although the Moto 360 might look like something out of Mission Impossible the LEX L10 actually is. If you still need further proof then check out the LEX 700 video below. The music alone well tell you what these phones are designed for. Move along Moto X…nothing to see here.