This Might Be The LCD Touch Digitizer For The Xperia Z4

November 16, 2014 - Written By Nick Terry

It seems like just yesterday we were writing articles on the Sony Xperia Z3 getting released, now it looks as though we are already seeing rumors for the Xperia Z4. Sony has definitely been moving fast when it comes to releasing next iterations of their Xperia smartphone, so already seeing Xperia Z4 rumors pop-up on the web doesn’t really surprise us that much. But if this rumored image proves to be real, then the Xperia Z4 will look virtually the same as the Xperia Z3, not a very smart thing to do.

The image we are talking about, which you can see above, is supposedly an image of the LCD touch digitizer for the Xperia Z4. In said image you can see the supposed LCD touch digitizer for the Xperia Z4 alongside the same part of the recently released Xperia Z3. Like we said above, the digitizers appear to be pretty much the same, same size and shape which isn’t really a good thing, the Xperia smartphones have looked very similar in appearance since the first Xperia. Despite the digitizers of the Xperia Z4 and Z3 looking almost identical, there are a couple of differences here. First off, the holes for the proximity sensor and front-facing camera have flip flopped on the Xperia Z4 and the holes for the mic and speaker appear to have moved to the very edge of the front of the device.

The source that leaked the image of the Xperia Z4 touch digitizer is Future Supplier and they were spot on with another recent leak of a digitizer for an unannounced device. That device was the Galaxy Note Edge and that leaked image turned out to be an image of original parts. So, needless to say, Future Supplier is a source to at least take a second look at because they have been very accurate before with their leaks. But as always, take any leak with a grain of salt. Take a look at the leaked image at the top of the article and drop us a comment letting us know what you think of the LCD touch digitizer for the inevitably upcoming Xperia Z4. Do you like the fact that the front of the Xperia Z4 will look very similar to the Xperia Z3 or would you rather it look a bit different this time around?