Meizu MX4 Pro Pricing Details Surface

November 8, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Considering the huge success of the Meizu MX4, Meizu’s next product will definitely be under the spotlight. Meizu’s VP has confirmed Meizu MX4 Pro will launch in November and considering Meizu is holding an event on November 19th, that’s probably the date we’ll see this handset launched. This device has leaked back and forth for a long time now and what we know, thus far, is that it will sport a fingerprint scanner under the display, which Meizu’s VP has also confirmed. Even though MX4 Pro’s specs and looks haven’t been officially confirmed, the device has leaked so many time from so many different sources that we basically know how it will look like and what specifications will it carry in the end, more on that later.

Meizu MX4 Pro leaked once again, though this time around we have some pricing info for you. A leaked image shows that a Meizu certified store received 100 models of M462 / M462U models of Meizu handsets which are priced at 3199 Yuan. M462 and M462U have already leaked in a certification filing at the end of October, we’re quite certain these models are in fact Meizu MX4 Pro. If this is true, Meizu MX4 Pro’s price might be significantly higher than we’ve expected. Multiple sources have hinted at a 2499 Yuan ($408) price for the handset, so a 3199 Yuan ($522) seems a bit steep in comparison, especially if you consider that company’s current flagship (Meizu MX4) is priced at 1799 Yuan ($294). We can’t actually confirm how legit this info is, but it’s definitely concerning. I hope that Meizu will stick to the 2499 Yuan price that has leaked multiple times now.

I mentioned this handset’s design and specs have leaked multiple times, you can check out how it will probably look if you look at the image above the article. Regarding the specifications, Meizu MX4 Pro will quite probably feature a 5.5-inch 2K display by Sharp, 3GB of RAM and 16, 32 or 64GB of internal storage. The handset will reportedly feature the same 20.7-megapixel sensor from Sony we’ve seen included in the original MX4. Android 4.4 KitKat will ship with this handset and Meizu’s Flyme OS will be on top of it. 4G LTE connectivity will be available of course and the device will allegedly come with 3100mAh battery on the inside.

Meizu MX4 Pro pricing details leak