Meet Vsenn: The Company Working On A Modular Smartphone To Rival Project Ara


Google has many fingers in many pies at the moment and besides the whole Lollipop and Nexus things another big Google release is on the Horizon. There has been much talk about Google’s modular smartphone (Project Ara) this year. As we edge closer to 2015, we also edge closer to a proper look at a working unit and more importantly, its scheduled 2015 public release. That said, modular devices are not a Google exclusive thing and certainly not a Google creation. Google was not the first to try and offer a modular smartphone and it now seems they are not the only ones who are currently planning on a modular smartphone for next year.

Finnish startup Vsenn are also planning to release a modular smartphone. Like Ara, Vsenn’s device will allow you to swap in and out various components. Although at present Vsenn only list the swappable aspects as the camera, battery and processor/RAM. However, what will certainly be Vsenn’s selling point is that they will offer a global device. Vsenn advise their smartphone will come cheaper “than the current market leaders”, will also be a region-free device and will come as-is to all regions. Which basically means they will not be offering different quality parts for different regional areas, in the same way that other companies might swap a Qualcomm processor for another one for a different region. It also seems Vsenn wont be only focusing on the hardware either. Instead, Vsenn seem to be as highly focused on the software and have announced their smartphone will make privacy a priority by offering all users free access to a virtual private network (VPN). As well as secure cloud storage. Not to mention Vsenn’s smartphone will also come with vanilla android and is “guaranteed” Android updates for four years after the device’s release.

If you are getting interested than unfortunately that is all the information being provided by Vsenn at the moment. They seem to be rather intentionally quiet on what the device looks like and further details and as such we do not have any images, detailed specs or further information. If you are interested then you can follow Vsenn on twitter where it is likely you will get to hear further information and details as and when Vsenn release them. So what do you think? would you like to see an alternative to Ara? Or are you too Ara fixated at the moment?