Meet Nevo: A ‘Normal’ Watch That Offers Notifications And Fitness Tracking

November 27, 2014 - Written By John Anon

Smartwatches are everywhere this year. With the big companies all throwing their own variants into the ring, it can be difficult to know which one to go for. The one commonality between them all, is they all are not very watch-like. No matter how hard they try, the majority still do look like a techie gadget of some sort. The Moto 360 is somewhat of an exception to this rule, adopting more of a traditional watch look and feel. That said, anyone who has worn one will know that the screen is rather big. A result of having to pack in those chipsets. Likewise, HP and known fashion designer Michael Bastian are working on a more watch-first-computer-second type watch, dubbed the MB Chronowing, although this is being touted more towards the premium market. In short, it is a luxury item.

So what is the average user, who wants a watch (that looks like a watch), but the functionality of knowing when they have a notification, to do? Maybe even a few fitness tracking features thrown in for good measure! Well that is exactly the ethos behind a new crowd-funded project hitting Indiegogo. ‘Nevo’ is being touted by its creators, as “the first minimalist connected device”. And they are not wrong. Nevo won’t tell you the weather in your area, or provide the latest scores from tonight’s game. Instead, Nevo is first and foremost a watch. More importantly, its size looks and feels like a watch should. However, it is a connected watch and this means it has some tech thrown in there as well. The watch is able to provide notifications and also act as a fitness tracker. In trying to avoid the need for an LCD screen, the creators of Nevo have came up with a clever alternative. The watch face uses the twelve dials as a meter. When you are out doing your activities, the meter determines how close you are to your pre-set goal. The more you achieve, the more the small hour icons light up. In terms of the notifications (and again due to the lack of an LCD screen), you are not able to read notifications, but the watch will vibrate to let you know you have received one. As such you can use the watch as a means to not constantly have to check your phone. When a notification comes, you will be notified. Nevo is compatible with any android device running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or higher. In keeping with the watch-first ethos, the Nevo also does not require any charging. Instead, the watch runs off traditional batteries. Although in this case, it has two. One for the main clock function and one for the ‘smart’ function. As such when they die, you just replace as you would with a normal watch.

If you are interested in a more watch-like watch then you might want to head over to the Nevo Indiegogo page for all the details. It is currently in the early stage of funding with 26 days left to go. That said, Nevo has already over doubled its monetary goal value of $50,000. Nevo is being listed with a $249.99 retail cost, although early supporters can save $100 with the reduced $149.99 cost. Once this initial early supporter quota has gone, you will still be able to save $50 by grabbing one at $199.99. Alternatively, you can pick up two for $299. The scheduled shipping date according to the Indiegogo listing is set for March 2015. The Nevo will be available in three colors (Paris, New York and Shanghai) and a choice between leather (for looking good) and rubber (for exercising) straps. Let us know what you think and if you sign-up for one.