Meet The Minus-8 Range Of Watches: They Tell The Time

November 28, 2014 - Written By John Anon

If you are after a smartwatch you might have been tempted by the offerings currently available by the big names. Samsung’s Gear S seems to be doing well. While the Moto 360 has certainly sold quite a few too. These are smartwatches, but possibly more smart than watch. They do tell the time, but that seems to be their only identifiable ‘watch’ aspect. All the current big name offerings are far more techie than time(ie). If you are after a more watch-like watch, then we did recently report on a crowd funding project called ‘Nevo’ which aims to bring to market a minimalist connected watch. That said, Astro Studios (the company behind the Nike FuelBand) seems to be taking ‘minimalist’ to a whole new level.

In fact, Astro Studios are not only aiming to be minimalist, they are actually reverting back to the concept of just being a watch. Yes, the latest offerings from Astro Studios are simply watches. There are four on offer and the range goes under the ‘Minus-8’ branding. These vary in price starting with the Zone at $198. This is followed by the Edge at $298 and the Layer at $448. Right at the top end is the upmarket Layer 24 which will set you back a cool $598. So although these watches are not especially ‘smart’ watches, they are certainly looking to take the smartwatch market on in terms of price-point. The notion of ‘just a watch’ seems to be quite a step-away from Astro Studios previously designed products. As in addition to the FuelBand, Astro Studios have worked on a whole array of technology goods. As such the thought of them making a watch without any real tech inside will be of interest to some. Even more so as we now live in a world where watches with tech have become the norm.

You may wonder what is the point of this being on an android website if there is nothing android(ie) about it. In some respects this is true. However, Astro have left the smart door a little ajar with these watches. Some of the models do actually come with NFC built into their bracelets which could be used with android devices if activated. At present this is only a simple add-on feature of the watch (as opposed to the purpose of the watch like most other smartwatches). As such, they could very well introduce more techie stuff in the future. Either way though, if you are bored of watches made by watch people and smartwatches made by tech people, then maybe you should give the Minus-8 range a go. After all, these are watches made by tech people.